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Sunday, December 9, 2012

On, Wuss-consin

You know our country is in deep trouble when football teams are trying to be the "fashion leader." That's like trying to have the hairiest legs in charm school.

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Tradition seems to have become a thing for old people. Look at what's become of politics.

Uniforms as a recruiting tool?....hummm....
I guess if you have the right clothes you can do the sport?

I've been saying this, and saying this, and saying this. I call them runway girls. College football teams, REALLY?

Yes, really. Potentially big profit centers for Nike & Adidas.

Those little runway outfits do seem to be a recruiting plus for Oregon. As does the locker room -- what an LA Times writer in April of this year called "The Taj Mahal of football facilities" nationwide.


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