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Friday, December 21, 2012

Nutsy's looking for a new gig

Having wasted everyone's time with his fatally flawed bid to be Portland mayor, the unemployed ex-state legislator is calling together his faithful to talk about future political causes that he might espouse. Holding a real job is, as we all know, out of the question.

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Seems like the perfect spokesman to pick up the mental health issue.

We need a ban on paid public officials.

Elected positions should be part-time, unpaid, except for maybe a small stipend when they are actually "working."

Other government jobs should be reserved for veterans and the disabled.

"Jefferson Smith Asking Volunteers What to Do Next"

How about getting a real job and contributing to the tax base instead of spending it?

I'll leave the more lewd suggestions to others.

He could start giving personal defence lessons to women.

Are there any openings for professional full-contact Parcheesi players?
Maybe the Rose City Rollers could use a punching bag....I wonder how Nutsy would look in a pencil-thin mustache with his hair greased back?

"Jefferson Smith Asking Volunteers What to Do Next" How about advocating for term limits. We need citizen politicians, not career politicians that continually dictate to the people instead of being of the people, by the people and for the people. Correspondingly, wouldn’t be interesting if both Nutsy and Sammyboy applied for the same position. Both have similar qualifications - or lack there of.

The idea that Portland could have, maybe even very nearly did, go from Sam Adams to Jefferson Smith is scary.

Promoting him to mental health advocate would be like putting Jeffrey Dahmer in charge of the cafeteria. He is so shameless, so clueless, so unrepentant.

He should be ignored.

And why should Jeffy get a real job? In a real job, he wouldn't get far with his incessant "Look at MEEEEEE!" antics. Hell, he wouldn't get far even if he went into Portland journalism.

Or, to quote from the best documentary about Portland ever made, "Hands up: who likes me?"
(later) "I said 'hands up: who likes me?'"
"We heard you the first time."
"Why don't you like me?"
"Because you're a complete bastard."
"I'm being serious, Vyvian."
"So am I. You're a complete bastard, and we all hate you."
(laughing)("I find that rather difficult to believe."

Now here's just hoping that Nutsy doesn't follow along and try to kill himself with laxative pills. Or if he does, I'm not cleaning the mess.

What Sally said!
Jeffy should just quit!

Does this mean his post-election bender is over!

Sandwich artist.

Eat fresh, Nutsy.

Nutsy should become an evangelist for the CRC, as the plans as they stand are nearly as stupid as he is.

I wonder if Mrs. Smith is behind this "what next?" movement.

Sally's had a great week of posts here. Yazzah!

"like putting Jeffrey Dahmer in charge of the cafeteria"? Sally, you rock.

Did you notice what was missing from Jefferson Smith's list of things to do next? Here's how one item should have read:

Do you want to keep this historic grassroots organization together but have me walk away since I misused your idealism and good will to try and seize power as Portland's mayor?

We could really use a reasonably priced kitty litter cleaning service.

I see him as a progressive answer to Glenn Beck, making hyper-earnest, tear-stained bordering-on-crazy talk on MSNBC for an hour a day.

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