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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not to be outdone

We've seen the Sam Rand Twins try to ram through one bogus proposition after another in their final days on the Portland City Council. It appears that the lame ducks on the Lake Oswego City Council are going to try to do the same with the dopey "Foothills urban renewal" plan that was once poised to line the pockets of the Homer Williams developer types. The new council will probably kill it, but the outgoing board members just can't stop pushing the bad ideas that ended their political careers. Some people just don't know when to get off the stage.

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Honestly- you would think they knew better- but then I guess they plan to never run for a public office again.

Councilor Gudman should have added that lack of infrastructure had only a little to do with Foothills not being developed. It has more to do with developers like Homer and his sidekick Matt Brown waiting for all the taxpayers dollars like they did in SoWhat. Plus, I think the economy had something to do with it.

But I think the new Council and present opposition will thwart public dollars being used for Foothills.

Development is not hampered by lack of infrastructure in Foothills. It's the market and much more. Plainly soeaking, the price of housing or office/retail is not high enough in this submarket to support expensive development. There are a lot of property owners in Foothills who do not want to sell, and the developers and city can do nothing about it. The industrial area is flood plain and difficult to build on a block or two at a time. The sewer treatment plant, power substations, limited access, and... the list goes on. So blame it all on backward-thinking malcontents, but the area has its issues.

Rumor has it that Homer wants nothing to do with Foothills as an investment and is hunting for foreign investors who will put up money, not to make the development work, but to get a green card through a government plan to attract wealthy foreigners whose money might create jobs. Will these people care if the area is a financial success, or will the city be left with the debt when ill-conceived plans go up in smoke? Just who will have any skin in the game when the development agreement is signed? And when will that be? Dec. 19th? Nothing is beyond this council.

You have forgotten the Mayan date, Dec. 21st!
You may be in luck as the forecast is for the end of . . .
so what may be beyond this council is the end of their plans.
Many are saying that what this date represents is the end of one era/age and the beginnings of another, so there is hope for the public to have it their way for a change.

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