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Thursday, December 13, 2012

No special session for Jeld-Wen

As sensible people predicted but Ron Saxton repeatedly denied, the window makers are packing up their headquarters and leaving Oregon. Seems North Carolina is more to their new Canadian owners' liking.

Cue some new Goldschmidt Network gigs on the taxpayer's dime for Saxton and Steve Wynne in 3... 2... 1...

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URD, perhaps?

So do they get to sell the name, "Civic Stadium"...I mean, "Multnomah Stadium" name again? I mean, "PGE PARK", I mean, "Parker/Reser Stadium", I mean, ".. ONEX STADIUM" now?

Gee, I wonder what we'll be calling Civic Stadium next?

How about "It's Another Oregonian Home Delivery Increase Stadium". Since it happens so frequently (like my notice today) it sounds so appropriate.

All the news that fits....oh, never mind.

The thing that gripes me is that they just finished putting up all of the new signs for the MAX stops, printing new schedules and updating the website to make it "Jeld-Wen" and now the public gets to pay to have everything renamed yet again.

I'd support a move to prohibit primary name sponsorship by corporations. The place (whatever it may be) remains, say, Multnomah Stadium with prominent sponsorship signs. I don't believe that locations, streets, etc. that have historic city names should be redubbed for any reason. It's all just a bunch of needless expense. If something must be named, name something new. A new park, a new street, a new complex. All this renaming in a par with countries that disinter buried loved ones when their families can no longer afford to keep paying.

I'm going with either Vestas Field or SolarWorld Stadium. Maybe even Siemens Stadium. Or United Streetcar something-a-rather.

After all that's preceded, and what's sure to come, it should be "Su€k ^ss Field."

Not unlike Freightliner, where most of the top brass is based in the Carolinas.

But Portland is still their Corporate Headquarters, really it is. Just until their taxpayer handout predicated on maintaining their HQ in Portland expires.

And Dr. No knows all about that one.

As an added bonus, according to http://www.payscale.com/cost-of-living-calculator/North-Carolina-Charlotte/Oregon-Klamath-Falls/Software-Engineer, the cost of living is lower in Charlotte than in K-Falls, so Jeld-Wen's shareholders can get some extra pocket change by paying their workers less money.

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