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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nike's sweetheart tax deal pisses off Intel

The correlation of arrogance and stupidity is on full display in Salem.

And get this -- Governor Retread wouldn't let you see the details without signing a six-page nondisclosure agreement. Are they kidding? They must be kidding.

Nothing says "crooked" like government in Oregon. It's breathtaking.

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Times have changed. It's not like the Old Days, when we can do anything we want. A refusal is not the act of a friend. If Don Knight had all the judges, and the politicians in Oregon, then he must share them, or let us others use them. He must let us draw the water from the well. It is not gentlemanly to not allow Don Otellini to wet his beak. Certainly he can present a bill for such services; after all... we are not Communists!

Well, there's lots worse like Louisianna, West Virginia, Pennsylvania & Arizona. But, Orygun does have a Crooked River.

"We will consider some modifications," Nike spokeswoman Mary Remuzzi said

Gee, thanks.

Retread has turned into Regress. He apparently doesn't have the nutz to deal with a bully and will apparently end up as wimpish as ever just like the last guv. smh

"You do NOT come to Salem and talk to Don Knight like that"

"Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do some small favor... But until that day – accept this justice as a gift on this... my inauguration day."

And how about the other reasonably large manufacturing companies in these parts. There are several....I bet Intel isn't the only pissed off company!
Kitz may have screwed the pooch on this deal!

Governor got rolled by Nike on this one. Nike says jump, he says how high.

Really funny watching Oregon's progressives stumbling over each other to give special tax treatment to the 1%. (Actually the upper cream of the 1% more like the 1/1000 th of one percent!). I thought progressives wanted these people to "pay their fair share". Instead they give them the treasury.

If we must give special tax treatment for jobs, make it available to companies of all sizes. That would be an investment of $300,000 for each job. Starting at ONE JOB.

Anything else is simply giving corporate welfare to rich corporations.

Is Kitz willing to freeze MY tax rules? (IE: promise me NO tax increase?)


Gov. Recap and crew are what the state wants, the unwashed voted them in charge. Pass the entitlements, please can I have more. One day , maybe years and years from now the voters will see the light, get rid of the PARTY of ENTITLEMENTS and sober up. Kitzhaber and crew, and the LEFTIST Democrats will be happy, the state, city, county voters will continue with the status quo.
Be happy, nothing changes.

I wonder how many occupyers will protest this giveaway to one of Oregon's super rich ultra one percenter?

Or is corporate welfare OK when it is given to a Democrat?


The Oregon Progressive Party opposes the special Nike deal. With or without Intel. See http://progparty.org/%5Btitle%20raw%5D-145 and http://goo.gl/GyNkY.

When Jim Karlock refers to "progressives," he must mean "Democrats." They are not the same.

Retread's just taking a page out of the play book from the Executive Branch of government in Washington DC.

Come on Intel. Just get in line for your own special session.

Oregon really looking silly with this episode. A business tax bill/deal that does not include the huge majority of Oregon businesses? Does Kitz and the Leg not understand the concept of "shifting the tax burden to others?" Somebody has to pay for our failing schools. Meanwhile, Nike says "jump!" and our governor hops around like a little bunny, unable to coherently explain why the 40 year deal has to be done today. And this is the guy who will be negotiating concessions from public employee unions to avoid the bankruptcy of local governments and school districts? The Great Transformer has lost all credibility with this episode. Oregon is in trouble for which will become quite evident by the summer of 2013, when the Legislature is incapable of producing a fair, balanced budget.

The word "progressive" is like "sustainable:" anyone can use it and it means anything you want it to. Which is to say, nothing at all.

You (collectively) voted for the Governors Karamazov, and now you complain?

I get all of the comments here, but I would rather see us making deals with Nike, an established company that has and will provide jobs for a long time, opposed Kulongoski who gave away hundreds of millions for the pipe dream of "green jobs."

What the heck is wrong with you people?

INtel need to go to OSU, give Riley a $2M raise, then build them a new stadium.

Then we'll talk.

God, this is such a bunch of short-sighted goobers running this place. So what happens to all the small guys (like maybe

Geez, it'd be nice if they were just consistent.

"Or is corporate welfare OK when it is given to a Democrat?"

Uncle Phil a Democrat? Musta been a really pissed off Demo when Oregon ignored his op-ed against the business tax crapola a few years back.

The Governors Karamazovs...
The Special K's...
The Governors Libtards...

Whatever the labels, Oregon's elected are driven by the idiot voters in Portland/Multno area. I say they get what they want, and what they deserve.

Want to be uber-hipster-cool-progressive-etc??? Come to P-town and vote for Sam Adams!! Regardless if he is the most '..tarded politician since the previous one, or the successor one. Portland (and hence Oregon) get the worst politicians because they want/deserve the worst!

Thank you. Could you please set up a separate web page with that rant on it? That way you can just link to it rather than having to type it out here every other day.

There have been some questions about the jobs that could be created as a result of this deal:

Are we talking about NIKE Vice President in charge of International Marketing or President of NIKE Canada?

The answer is not known at this time. Neil Goldschmidt held both jobs so it could be either or some other position, maybe tied to the current Governor's interest in healthcare.

Those 500 jobs will turn ou to be like the Vestas jobs. Created long before the reward was bestowed.

I'm sure Gov. Dudley would have told Nike to man up or move out. Right?

Imagine the outrage if indeed a Gov. Dudley had proposed this. The Dems would be in a lather of moral superiority. Ha!

Portland Native, you're right, there's more than Intel that's "pissed off". Add Precison CastParts and Esco Corp and several others. They weren't in Kitzhaber's loop.

I'm just beginning to get that corporations under the current law that Nike wants extended for itself for 40 years pay no property taxes?

That's screwed up.

Dan Meek: When Jim Karlock refers to "progressives," he must mean "Democrats." They are not the same.
JK: I meant those self described progressives that infest Blue Oregon and other local blogs and hate free enterprise, corporations, automobiles, energy production and big box stores. Typified by the occupy movement.


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