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Monday, December 17, 2012

New era begins

We've lived here at Blog Central for 14 years and change. It's an old place, and we succeeded to a lot of old stuff. Some of it works, some of it doesn't. But we take comfort in the history of the house -- touches that were added 100, 80, 50, 30 years ago.

One thing we have always tried to do is to maintain the garden that we acquired when we showed up. We've made lots of improvements, but by and large we have tried to keep up what was already here before we were.

One such item is a climbing rose bush, over the gate to our side yard, that burst into countless pink blossoms early each May. We've trained it, trimmed it, fought it, cussed it out, but always been richly rewarded:

Lately the thing has gotten mighty thick and gangly, and it's been on our to-do list for a while to get up on the big ladder and hack it back. We've been slow getting around to it, though, and today with the rain and the wind, Mother Nature made some executive decisions for us:

It will take a while to get it all cut up and taken out, and there's the gate to attend to. The displays won't be nearly as lavish as they were at their peak until we're about ready to retire. But we look on the bright side -- we won't be up there trimming a big bush for a long time. And we think of the joy that will come with the first bloom on new growth.

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It looks like a Cecile Brunner, a beautiful prolific pink rose that is vigorous climber.
A few years back a Cecile Brunner planted in my side yard grew to cover half my roof and then toppled onto my neighbors driveway preventing entry to their garage.

We cut it way back. It's still stunning in May. With pruning immediately after the May flush it blooms again most of the summer. Much more manageable and easier on the gardener.

The life and fate of your climbing rose bush is symbolic of the City of Portland.

It will take a while to get the city council all taken out, and there's the massive debt to to attend to. The budgets won't be nearly as lavish as they were at their peak of insanity. But we look on the bright side -- we won't be voting for any of their pleas for bail out money for a long time. And we think of the joy that will come with the total collapse and the new growth to follow.

Agree with f. Jones...regular pruning will reinvigorate your rose for many more years.

A Cecile Bruner -- who knew? The thing is stronger than any other plant I have ever been around. Let's hope it comes back.

Prof Jack -- obviously all the brush won't fit into your green bin.
There is a business on NE 47th, just a bit north of Columbia Blvd, where you can dispose of a pickup load of yard debris for about $25.
And I happen to know a handyman with a utility trailer if you need need a referral. . . . .

The top of the trellis fell off?


Concordbridge--A standard PU bed is 2 cubic yards. Grimm's,over here on the west side, charges about $7/c.y. This bush is not going to generate 3.5 yards of debris once it is cut up into a more manageable mess. With it being a rose bush, just imagine Jack jumping up and down to "compact" the brambles to save some money on the project.(been there/done this NUMEROUS times) The joys of being a homeowner and gardener.

You know, Jack, some of us wouldn't mind getting cuttings off it to grow our own, thereby keeping them out of the recycling bin and spreading the joy. Heck, I'd be willing to pay for decent cuttings. How much do you charge?

(And yes, I'm deadly serious. I've already set up my mother-in-law with two beautiful roses I grew from cuttings before the owners of the property stripped out the parents, and I think she'd love to have a "Jack Bogdanski." My father-in-law would get a kick out of it, too, seeing as how it came from another noted lawyer.)

Teresa-thx. No minimum fee, plus you can see Russia from their office!

Anyone for a redwood?

Gorgeous roses, but I guess its true
Mother nature always bats last........
I have some Gertrude jekylls,but they are slower growing....I am sure you're looking forward to Spring....

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