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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mmmmm... brominated vegetable oil...

Its like turning your innards into a hot tub.

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In my youth, every neighborhood had a small grocery store. They had a few canned things and some boxed food. But, most of what they sold was fresh. It wasn't as pretty as the stuff now in Whole Foods or New Seasons. But, it was fresh. My memory may be failing me, but I think it was healthier than the FDA approved stuff on many grocery shelves today.

Brominated? Bromine is a reactive halogen and is not good for living things.

Simple solution...don't buy this stuff...don't eat this stuff.
And yes, Mr. Gilmore, I remember those days too. My. Mom canned our produce for the winter and I helped out. Who knows what is sprayed on the so called fresh fruits and veggies we buy in the stores these days to keep them looking nice. A lot of that produce sure tastes like cardboard though, even if it looks good!

Squirt? How could you, Squirt? Another icon topples.

YET, many people see nothing wrong with marijuana.

Each to their own, I like bromine, use it to brush my teeth and clean my wheels, tires and sewer system. It is legal, just as marijuana is in Washington state.

Pass me another petition, I want to be outraged, and a concerned citizen. Hurry up, the next outrage is waiting for a petition.

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