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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mike Schrunk gets the Saint Hatfield treatment

The kids at the O toe the party line, but we're not buying it. In all his years in office, has Portland's fearless district attorney ever busted (a) a crooked cop, (b) a murderer cop, (c) a public official on the take, (d) a businessperson giving a bribe, or (e) a pedophile politician? Schrunk has been a good keeper of secrets. In Portland's history as a dirty little place, the county d.a. position has been a real "linchpin," as the grifters in the real estate development world are wont to say. The hand-picked successor probably won't be much better.

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Surely they're going to name something after him. I suggest the bathroom in City Hall. Schrunk Head has a nice Portland ring to it.

It runs in the family....anybody remember his daddy?

Following Allan and PN's lead ...... maybe a lamp post in "old town".

He has a heck of a lot more integrity than his predecessor, Des Connall, did.

John Benton -

I believe Haarl Haas was Mike Schrunk's immediate predecessor.

Des Connal preceded Haas, if I recall correctly.

His predecessor was Harl Haas. Connall was before Haas. Schrunk's first big job as DA was to smooth things over for a gang of dirty narcotics cops. He did a great job of it, too.

Phil Stanford -- I immediately thought of you when I saw Jack's posting. So good to see you here in the comments. Miss the heck out of you and your Tribune column. Any chance there will be another place to see you and your fine work publicly?
An admirer

I don't know all that much about either Schrunk.

But I did watch Underhill try a high profile case a few years ago. I would not want to be a bad guy in his sights.

I believe Schrunck only has the one "c" right up near the front there, eh?

Harl Haas, in 2009 Robert White posted the following comment on Willamette Week's expose of Neil Goldschmidt, "The 30 Year Secret." He claims you were one of several who covered up Goldschmidt's crimes. Care to comment?

"What about the people who helped cover up for him?? Harl Hass, Harold Blank and several others. When you see Neil, ask him about the Volker/Ceta project, the one that went to Atlanta instead of Portland. A lot of folks knew that he was boffing a young girl, Ben Padrow knew. I knew!"


Des Connall and his daughter, Shannon, ended up running a successful law firm specializing in criminal defense. Unfortunately, Shannon was caught plundering the client trust accounts and that was the end of the Connalls.

DA Schrunk has fitted in well in Portland, where big money likes to keep things nice and quiet.

We don't have messy shoot-outs over turf and all the vice is nicely integrated into everyday bizzness, as the control of P-town was settled long ago.

I like him because he reinforced my faith in the police force. Not a single bad cop in 30 years. Not a one. That's a magnificent record.

Good to see you HHHH!

Never thought I'd bump into you on a blog.

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