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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Legend Dan says no to rushing fluoride vote

A reader forwards this e-mail message:

Thank you for your email regarding the City Council's proposal to move up the vote on fluoridation.

I do not support changing the date of the public vote on fluoridation. I did support Council's decision earlier this year to add fluoride to our water and I continue to believe it's the right decision for our community.

But, I recognize that the public has spoken and wishes to engage in a community dialogue that culminates in a public vote in May of 2014.

I do not believe the date of the vote should be manipulated by Council to benefit one particular side in this issue. If Council does decide to move the vote to 2013, I apologize in advance for what I believe is a decision that disrespects the voters of Portland.

Dan Saltzman

Way to stand up to the schoolyard bully -- albeit 10 years late.

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So what he is really saying is that they already have 3 votes to rush the election, so he can posture without consequence.

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