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Monday, December 17, 2012

Just when you think life couldn't get any worse

OMG! It could snow in Portland tonight. Up to an inch! Snow, which is frozen water. Which could be slippery on the roads. Better head out and buy up all the bottled water and canned goods you can. Because it might snow, people -- snow! In Portland!

And above all, stay tuned to bojack.org StormCenter 9000.2 for all the latest details on Snowmageddon 2012. Our crew is already on the Sylvan overpass, ready for team coverage. The Sylvan overpass -- not far from Clackamas Town Center, the scene of last week's deadly shooting. Stay tuned.

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I'm sure that Sam Adams is ready to 'help' however possible.

First yesterday's devastating wind storm and now this?? This is proof of global weather and climate!

"Thanks Jack, and we are on the side of the road just off the Sylvan exit from the Sunset Highway."

"Standing by with our ruler to measure the snow depth and as you can see, it now measures.... well exactly zero so far. BUT that may change at any moment."

"For now, we only have rain but back in the studio, our weather ace has his prediction of when we can expect the 1/8 inch of predicted chaos. Back to you, Jack... in snowpocalypse central 2012."

(Are we off air now? Damn, I cannot wait until they hire someone junior to ME so I don't have to do this anymore...)

Has Mary Fetsch hit the TV airways announcing that TriMet will chain up its buses in preparation for "possible" snowfall, so that TriMet isn't caught red-handed unprepared like they were a few years ago?

It's all falling into place. "Sylvan" even sounds like a Mayan word.

We have at least 1/8th of an inch of semi frozen slush on our back deck!
OMG! If the temperature falls to 32 F it will be ice!

It ain't gonna happen 'til the Elmer Fudd hat appears. Or is Spam too busy with this?:

What is that expression on his face, anyway?

All snowplows must be immediately deployed and dedicted strictly to keep the bike lanes unimpeded! Meanwhile, all bikers must now change from their standard Daylight Savings Time black garb, to standard Alpine "Where Bikers Dare" Camo white.

"Yes Jack we can NOW report we are getting snow at Sylvan... except for now, THIS snowfall is coming down as a clear liquid and nearly cold enough to be your normal WHITE snow."

"This clear liquid snow WOULD BE about 1/2 inch deep at THIS TIME if the temperature were only 3 1/2 degrees colder."

"We will report the instant the clear liquid snow turns into the white variety... pictures at our 6 am broadcast tomorrow."

"Reporting for JACK BOG NEWS from the Sylvan overpass."

We have a dusting of white stuff on the ground down in the banana belt -- the end is nigh!

35 degrees and raining over here.

I was up at 4 a.m. in SE Portland and it was snowing. Here's the part I'm ashamed to admit: I actually thought it looked quite beautiful. Then I remembered how much danger I was in and jumped back from the window.

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