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Monday, December 3, 2012

Journalism? No, it's The Oregonian.

We have no use for the failed SoWhat District, but we'd be nauseated by this dreck even if the facility in question were somewhere else. The owners of the place must be taking out some hefty ads to justify this sort of puffery. Either that or the editors at the O are looking for a break when they move in. Awful -- simply awful.

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Agreed! And I doubt the "journalist" had to write a word. The entire piece is probably lifted from the advertising composed by the Mira Bella, which by the way is a for profit company.
...and those 10,000 jobs in the area? Still waiting for those!

Good for an early morning laugh, definitely funny

Whitewashed as desireable, but to each his own I guess. I'll keep my own garage, big fence, backyard, and extra large SUV. There may come a time time when I can't wash my own back side and lose the ability to drive. But when that time comes I probably won't care too much about where I'm going to keep my kayak.

I don't think I'm being unrealistic when I say that someday Portland will get over themselves. Cars of a different nature will be everywhere, the streets will be clean, bikes will be for trails, and old folks can live out their days in their own neighborhood.

$260k - $700k to get in... and then $4K a month after that? Holy sh*t. Those kayaks better vibrate for that kind of money.

I've worked in this facility, filling in to help a contractor friend. He has remodeled or completed several of these units, as they come with only basic interiors, which most of the high end new residents want to upgrade. It's really a nice high end facility. As to being green and sustainable, I'm sure they have gone through the required motions for LEED, but it's window dressing, in my opinion.
This summer the bistro (cafeteria like diner) had a huge gas fireplace roaring full time- beautiful but certainly not saving any energy. Have lots of money to spend in your retirement- it may be for you. But don't kid yourself about the sustainable aspect, it's marketing pure and simple.

The most popular model used in creation of Senior Housing Communities involves local doctors who specialize in Geriatric services putting up the needed money for 49% of the pie and the developer retaining 51% for their expertise in building the structure and then managing the ongoing business.

It’s also common for some of the dollar investors who age quality to locate on the property (sometimes in part) so as to draw new tenants.

Such a deal!

I'm sure they have gone through the required motions for LEED, but it's window dressing, in my opinion...But don't kid yourself about the sustainable aspect, it's marketing pure and simple.

Doesn't that just about describe the sham that is currently ruining Portland?

These are OUR Urban Renewal dollars at work. The So What district has lots of programs for the residents, not just at Mirabella, that are all financed with URA funds. People get all worked up over their garbage rates, flouride in the water,...when this thievery is allowed to exist.

Congratulations. With that many blatant press releases from publisher cronies repackaged as news, the Oregonian is now indistinguishable from the Dallas Morning News. You must be so proud.

In fairness, the 'Living' section of the paper has comics, advice columns, movie and music reviews, and puff pieces like this one. It's not like this was being featured as news or editorial.

Why anyone would want to retire in Portland is beyond me. Crappy weather 6-7 months of the year, high taxes and an antiquated freeway system - who needs it?
For way less than these people paid to "buy in" we bought a wonderful 4 bdr/3 bath/huge three car garage home in a much desired gated community in Nevada; plus our 2 bdr/2 bath/2 car garage ranch style condo in a retirement community just west of Phoenix. We see sunshine 300 days a year (or more) and have the option of enjoying warm weather all year long. And the condo is an easy 10-12 minute drive from University of Phoenix Stadium, where the 2015 Super Bowl will be played.

If you ride the streetcar in downtown, you'll be regularly subjected to advertising for "Mirabella Stylish Senior Living". I always suspected it cost an arm and a leg to dwell there there although it sounds like at least the woodworking guy has parlayed his living space to extend into the basement as well. If you're looking for "stylish senior living" in the downtown area, Terwilliger Plaza (which isn't cheap either) is a positive bargain compared to this place. The poor people in Portland retire to Marshall Union Manor which sports a beauty shop and a cafeteria and sets its rates according to income . . . some of it very low.

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