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Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's a blur

We've been spending some quality time with our ophthalmologist this afternoon. Great doc -- wonder how she looks when you're not dilated.

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Always tough reading the speedometer on the way home. And you can forget texting while driving home...

The oncoming headlights were no fun. But now I'm off the road for a while. Hope to have constriction back by happy hour. Both my pupils and I can get a little tight.

Just don't start feeling your way around, Jack...........

My mother worked as a nurse for years until she retired last year, and she had a regular comment to the people who said "I wonder how my doctor looks when I'm not dilated." She always said "It's a lot funnier when you say that about an obstetrician."

Use yellow lenses (too) to take the bite out of the headlights. Great for regular-sighted driving at night (esp. w/rain), too.

You didn't look when she came in? You hadn't seen her before?

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