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Saturday, December 8, 2012

In Virginia, the odor of streetcar scam

It's so strong that even one of the politicians is saying something about it.

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Not to toot my own horn too much, I invite you to read my recent op-ed in the Tribune about Portland's streetcar: Development myths drive streetcar.

Attorney Stephen A. MacIsaac sounds more like a bought and paid for consigliere than someone looking out for the best interests of the citizen taxpayers. But I have not seen his job description -- perhaps it says that he is to enable the actions of the board members at all costs.
“It just doesn’t seem fair.”

Environmental concerns? Streetcars are environmentally friendly; I've been told that by completely trustworthy sources.

Financial chicanery seems more likely.

I have been squawking for years about the "train conspiracy" and everyone thought I was nuts.
The thing is the folks who are promoting this crap at vast taxpayer expense are pretty clever folks. They have covered their tracks (no real pun intended) very well.

Eric - I still get the dead tree O, and I thought you laid out many of the issues quite nicely. Question is, how do you keep your job at PSU?

Isn't Char-Lie Hales from Virginia?

Chris Zimmerman dropped his chairmanship and slot on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) in the wake of NTSB reports castigating WMATA for its lax safety culture and a string of fatal accidents. But he survives to get in on the street car project lucre. The street car fat cats have nine lives for sure.

By the way, the other Board members are defending Zimmerman -- the poor penurious public servants want to preserve their right to cash in too.


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