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Monday, December 31, 2012

In Portlandia, nothing succeeds like failure

OPB reportedly had nutsy Jefferson Smith on the air this afternoon. The O is breathlessly reporting Neil Goldschmidt's latest health issues. These are the people that the Portland media can't get enough of. It's pathetic. The place gets smaller-minded with each passing year.

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Actually, I was breathing quite normally when I wrote a brief story about former Gov. Goldschmidt suffering a stroke.

Actually, I was breathing quite normally when I wrote a brief story about former Gov. Goldschmidt suffering a stroke.

"Normally" is such a strong term, Harry...

...kind of like "affair" - remember?

Harry, in your story, didn't you mean rape? Read the ORS statutes. You said "sexually abusing". I think Jack was being kind by saying "breathlessly" because you flat out showed you are a sloppy reporter or got so excited when writing it that you made a mistake. Which is it?

I don't often wish suffering on others, but I will make an exception to that in the case for the rapist Goldschmidt.

Wishing suffering upon others is an underappreciated and highly therapeutic activity, somewhat akin to Clarence Darrow's widely known confession: "I never killed a man, but I've read many an obituary with great pleasure."

Harry, you missed the part about the "affair." And I love your repeating the b.s. health reasons that he (and the O) handed out the day he was busted. Thanks for reminding us that not only did the O miss the story, it affirmatively gave out a false story.

Do us all a favor and give us two sentences about Neil when he's dead. In the meantime, his latest hemorrhoid flareups are not newsworthy.

Seems to me "sexually abusing" is a big step forward from the language formerly describing this abomination.

I can't stand Neil Goldschmidt and never could, but I think Harry Esteve does a lot of great work for the Oregonian and I thank him for it.

I think it's a bit fatuous to hang him for past wrongs by (probably) others. And this "story" was barely a quick blip. "Sexually abusing" -- good for him.

Nonstory, should never have been written.

I wonder what the ore-written obit at the O says?
I want the final edit on that.

How 'bout the photo with that O story? Showing shriveling Packwood eager to greet the corpulent Goldschmidt at the Hatfield event. Along with a couple of other grinning groupies in the foreground. Oregon ick.

Oops...I meant pre- written...I should check my spell check

Well, it's the Portland and Willamette valley voters who put these guys into office.

Can't blame western Oregonians for it.

"Nonstory, should never have been written."

Neil Goldschmidt has a stroke; that has to be reported. Maybe the brevity tells us something. Reread it a couple of times.

I think the article is another example of Portland Polite. We're just over 2 weeks since the announcement was made that Neil lost 600 grand investing in military pensions and disability payments.

How about a sentence like, "The announcement of the stroke follows the recent revelation that Goldschmidt lost 600 thousand trying to take advantage of cash-strapped military veterans forced to sell their disability payments at a discount."

That is an incredibly sleazy story and it came out and disappeared into the Portland Polite void without so much as a second glance. Even the comments in the Oregonian - some of them by people quite pleased about the stroke - don't mention the latest story. It just came out and sailed into that big fluffy cloud over Portland.

A former governor of Oregon loses 600 grand in a securities fraud case, and that's not worth a second look?

I have a sneaking suspicion things are worse than the family is letting on. Perhaps they don't want to give his detractors the satisfaction of knowing he now needs a drool bucket...

Neil Goldschmidt has a mild stroke. Who gives a rat's butt? What next -- Vic Atiyeh's prostate is enlarged? It's simply not news, except to the hacks at the O who still worship pure corruption. "He's OK." Oh, Harry, that's such a relief for all of us.

. . . and that's not worth a second look?

Not much is worth a second look here unless they want to rub our noses in it.

Yeah, Bill. I'm with you on all that. That's why I called it "Oregon ick."

Losing $600,000.00, now a stroke. Maybe karma is finally kicking in. What's next???


"worked in the Carter administration?". The freaking Secretary of Transportation "worked in the Carter administration?". Pathetic. Monica Lewinsky worked in the Clinton Administration.

The merging of corporate press and corporate pols is complete, and they don't like it when the rabble realize that there are two different standards applied to judge misbehavior.

Funny, you often see suggestions on this blog about how corrupt Chicago politics are; my sense is that any state willing to jail governors (plural) has less true corruption, it's just not covered up by the sycophantic press.

I guess I am missing something again, but are there really 21 comments about a post about a story that is supposedly so inconsequential that it should not have been published? Seems to me that proves there's still a story here. Given that, I think Harry got tone and length about right, although the photo was gratuitous.

That piece seemed to be classic damning with faint praise to me. I'm OK with it.
I'll be first to jump all over local media for toadying to the powers that be, but could they really print, "Pig Strokes Out" in thirty point caps? I'm sure that there are some at the O who feel it was way too disrespectful as it was printed.

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