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Monday, December 17, 2012

Buck-a-Hit Day is Wednesday

Hey readers, this Wednesday the 19th -- that's the day after tomorrow -- will be the 10th annual Buck-a-Hit Day on this blog. I and my inner circle of gift-giving buddies are going to give $1 to charity for every visit to this blog on that day, midnight to midnight. And this year, we'll do that up to $5,500.

Can we get 5,500 visitors here on Wednesday? It's going to be a bit of a stretch. Lately we've been bringing in around 4,500 unique visits (as counted by SiteMeter) on an average Wednesday, but traffic slows down during December, and this week is cutting it kind of close to Christmas.

So here's what we need you to do: Please start asking folks you know to show up on this site on Wednesday. Just for being here, just for a single click on bojack.org, readers will shake out a dollar of somebody else's money for a worthy cause. That's all they have to do.

Once they get here, of course, we'll be trying to hit them up for donations to one of our six favored charities, but that's up to them.

Speaking of which, we're going to be bold and try to break our previous record of $10,410 in overall donations for the day -- this year, the top of our thermometer will be $11,000. So in addition to getting 5,500 folks to show up here, we're going to try to get them to give charity, through us, a total of $5,500.

It's ambitious. Money's too tight to mention right now. But we're counting on our readers to come through. Do we sell subscriptions to this blog? No. Do we torture readers with pop-up and pop-under ads? Never. Do we blast audio commercials at people? Of course not. Once a year, we ask a few bucks for charity. We're confident that readers will pitch in, as they always do, despite the tough times.

If we got 5,500 visitors and they each gave a dollar, we'd be there. And to make it a little more do-able, we've got $1,200 in matching funds to play with. And so we can get there with 5,500 readers and just 78 cents apiece from them in contributions.

Our six charities will be the same as last year:

- Sisters of the Road Cafe
- Children's Heart Foundation, Oregon Chapter
- Human Solutions
- Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
- Oregon Food Bank
- Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and Washington

So anyway, please do be here on Wednesday -- day after tomorrow. Think about throwing something in the hat. But most of all, please help get out the word. If you click on "Permalink" below, you'll see a little "Share" box on the right just below these words. Getting this news up on social media today would be a big help. Thank you, and we hope to see you Wednesday.

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Hey, you've got my support, such as it is. Considering how often I point to your posts whenever Dallas and Fort Worth consider following some stupid idea that Portland championed, I owe you.

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