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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Great Danes and St. Bernards

Big dogs are fun, but do you want to take one home with you? The players in our charity pro football underdog game will have to make that decision this weekend. Many seem to be in need of a large winner:

16.5 ARIZONA at San Francisco
16 KANSAS CITY at Denver
10.5 ST. LOUIS at Seattle
10 MIAMI at New England
7 PHILADELPHIA at New York Giants
6.5 INDIANAPOLIS vs. Houston
5 CAROLINA at New Orleans
4 JACKSONVILLE at Tennessee
3.5 DALLAS at Washington
3.5 MINNESOTA vs. Green Bay
3.5 NEW YORK JETS at Buffalo
3 BALTIMORE at Cincinnati
3 DETROIT vs. Chicago

All the NFL action is on Sunday this week, and so all selections must be in by 10:00 a.m. PST that day. Good luck, 'dog pickers!

UPDATE, 12/26, 2:28 a.m.: Nothing on Steelers/Browns, Raiders/Chargers, or Bucs/Falcons as yet. Our oddsmaker will keep an eye out for lines on those; if they show up by tomorrow evening, they'll join those already on the board.

UPDATE, 12/30, 2:42 a.m.: Those other three games never showed up.

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Mojo's Best Bets
Stay Indoors @Midnight New Years' Eve Lead Rain Edition

The Doors - Peace Frog (The Captain Remix)

Best Bets
(Last week: 1-0; Overall 11-10 (.524))

DALLAS (+3.5) at Washington -- Romo throws the Mascot-That-Dares-Not-To-Be-Named team over the cliff in the nation's capitol.

Upset Special
(Last week: 0-1; Overall: 6-10 (.375))

PHILADELPHIA (+7) at NY Giants -- Vick will be the difference in this game, especially with his improvised running. Even with the Eagles OL having a lousy year, RB LeSean McCoy is a great talent and smart football player and should have a good day rotating with RB Bryce Brown against the Giants' who give up 4.6 yds. per carry, 4th worst in the NFL. McCoy had 123 yds. vs. the Giants just a few weeks ago.

Gamblers' Corner

ARIZONA (+16.5) at San Francisco -- Is there any other choice here? Of course not. Should be fun watching the Cards take a Whis on Harbaugh and his correspondingly psycho team.

Uncertainty hangs over Arizona Cardinals in finale

Keeping the 49ers from winning the division provides the Cardinals a little extra incentive, coach Ken Whisenhunt said.

“Sure,” he said. “You’re going against the 49ers, and we understand what’s on the line. That always adds to it.”

Whisenhunt expressed confidence that his team will play hard, even though so much about 2013 is unsettled. Whisenhunt has two more years on his contract, including a team option for 2014, but there is considerable speculation about his future.

P.S.: Rootin' for Chuck Pagano & the Colts today!

Uh-oh. Giants 21, Eagles 0, end of 1st Q. Maybe Andy Reid gets fired at halftime. Meanwhile, INdy takes opening kickoff and drives for a TD. Colts 7, Texans 3.

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