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Monday, December 10, 2012

Gov. Retread rushes special session of legislature

Not sure what he's up to. Trying to sneak something through over the holidays when no one's looking? Does Cylvia need a new contract? Maybe he's planning an intervention for Jefferson Smith.

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There would be more Rs in a December special session than with the new legislature.

Maybe he's going to ram through some PERS reform that a D-dominated legislature would go for.

"would NOT go for"

That or a sales tax. Oh, the drama.

CRC $450MM grab, without Coast Guard Permit, or debate on "Bridge Too Low".

Contract for Cylvia.

Seriously - I think he's going to try and sneak something in about PERS.

Otherwise, some unpopular spending plan like the CRC.

I don't dare to hope that the Gov. Would get rid of urban renewal districts...

Guv's proposed budget meaningless without PERS changes, which he won't get from unions or new legislature. Only hope is to lame duck it. Or maybe he wants emergency funding for Rudy Crew's new $2 million operation.

WW says it's for Nike. Woo hoo. Merry Christmas Uncle Phil!

He's just giving trying to give himself the ability to freeze corporate tax rates by governor fiat, in order to keep the one Fortune-500 business that still calls Oregon home from firing everyone and moving to Ohio (or wherever).

Why do I have a feeling that if a Republican tried this, there would be protests and riots, with people chanting stupid things about the 99%, but when Governor Rerun and the Goldschmidt Boys do it, not a peep?

Nike is one of those cherished companies...because we all know how everyone wakes up every day, puts on their Nike gear, and is so fit and eco-friendly running/biking everywhere.

Never mind they aren't union, or they don't manufacture anything here, or that they are highly secretive and exclude the public from their campus and facilities. Never mind that their goods are overpriced. They're good because, by golly, we say they're good.

As MachineShedFred says - if a Republican felt the same way it'd be a corporate handout to the top 1%. Which, it is. But it'd be bad.

But because Democrats like it, it must be good. All bow down to our fearless leaders who know best for us. Now let's submit 15% of our income to Nike - and maybe we'll have P.E. back in our schools. Of course we won't have math, or reading, or social studies, or music. But we'll have P.E. and Art. And that'll be the best education ever.

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