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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Good in the 'hood

We like to buy local, despite our annoyance at our city government's burning money for frivolous flacks who hound us to do so. A few weeks back we were in our local market when we met a local guy who makes hot sauce. It tasted pretty good at the little sampling table, and so we bought a bottle. Since then, we've been into it a few times at the house, and confirmed that it's really good. It's called Bushwacker, and it would be a fine way to take up space in somebody's Christmas stocking. (In case the FTC is reading this, we got absolutely nothing in exchange for this post.)

Comments (2)

I haven't tried hat one, but I will. Here's my favorite local product.

I love hot sauce. My guts do not. :-(

Anything more than a dash of black pepper and I'm hurting.

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