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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fuku fish still mighty hot

The trout in Japan are laced with cesium from the triple meltdown at Fukushima. Are people smart enough to refrain from eating them? Let's hope so. And how about our Pacific Northwest salmon, which swim nearly all the way over to Japan? Is anybody paying attention?

Speaking of which, we see that Gail Shibley, the Oregon health official in charge of pooh-poohing all local worries from the Fukushima disaster, is getting a nice new gig as head honcho for that living embodiment of fakery known as Char-Lie Hales. We can't wait to hear the new brand of doubletalk from City Hall. Meanwhile, we wonder who'll be appointed to sit in Salem and tell us that nuclear fallout is nothing to be worried about.

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Heard Sammy A. wants the job as the the Oregon health official in charge of pooh-poohing all local worries from the Fukushima disaster. Sammy A. pledged to do same great job in the new Job as his old job, for sure.

Take that to the bank.

And supporting such an attitude is our own, The NRC.... "It is hypocritical for the NRC -- or any government agency -- under the guise of security, to withhold information from the American public concerning a potentially significant public safety vulnerability, yet take no real action to study and correct the supposed security vulnerability,"


“Our finding is consistent with findings in Washington and California. We have expected to find trace amounts of the isotopes released from the Japanese plant. There is no health risk,” Gail Shibley, administrator of Oregon’s Office of Environmental Public Health, Oregon Public Health Division, said in a statement.

How reassuring!
What are Shibley's credentials with respect to public health that she was in that state position?

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