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Monday, December 10, 2012

From Matt Wuerker

Copyright 2012 by Matt Wuerker. Used by permission.

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Not bad...but "Bone-ER" needs to be orange and the big box needs to be 138,000 times bigger than the little box.

When I see a plan straight from Obamma with a bunch of entitlements cut back, and a big reduction in spending, and the realization many folks (the folks that pay zero in taxes) need to have skin in the tax situation....
Bet no one cares when they invest or have a 401K the taxing rate will jump to about 25% from 15% . How about the Ten Billion of cash sitting off shore by Obamma buddy Eric Schmidt of GOOGLE, up for CABINET POST, AND NO TAXES PAID BY GENERAL ELECTRIC , another buddy of Obamma .

One might point fingers all around. Is that to big a point for some to grasp ? Got more but, why bother.


McConnell proposed that the Senate take a vote on Obama's plan.

Harry Reid would not even let the Senate vote on the plan Obama has on the table. I guess he knows well that his fellow Senators won't even support the Obama plan.

Big game of chicken, with our President not even getting any support for his plan.

Perhaps Wuerker might fid some humor in that fact.

PS in order to benefit from tax cuts, one actually has to pay taxes. The more you pay, the more you benefit.

Cranky, cranky, cranky. You guys need a new outlook. Your party is dead or dying.

The dems are doing such a great job with this state why wouldn't I fall in line behind them?

Portland Native...
Not wanting to pick nits, but the big box should be 153x larger than the smaller one if proportionality is what you seek.
You got so clever with your first pun (wow, NEVER heard Boehner referred to as THAT before... sarc off), your math skills clouded a little.
Cheers, it's Mike

Thanks Mike, I am not that good at math, but I know that the uber rich should pay more taxes.

Yup, the top 10% paying 70% of income taxes is just not enough...
Honestly though the bottom 50% shouldn't even pay taxes, what's the point of harassing those people for 2.75% of the budget. What is clear is a spending problem.

Tired, tired, tired.

They pay most of the taxes because they make most of the money. On the backs of little people. Like you, most likely. Keep licking their boots, though, if you enjoy that.

Pistol - Income tax...wait for it...is based on INCOME! It's not a head tax.

I heard an idea that doesn't get much play in the media. "Give Obama what he wants and let him own it."

"CON" is the opposite of "PRO." Does that make "CONgress" the opposite of "PROgress?

David - Strategically that may be a good move, as blocking him and then trying to make him own 'it' didn't really work out as planned.

Many things happened in the election, but I think a lot of people didn't blame the president for the economic issues because his big moves to fix it were blocked. Still, Obama was beatable but for the wacky GOP primary that weakened Mitt by forcing him to go a bit fringy on some issues.

That was a tangent, but I see that as the story of the election. Failure to assign blame, and a candidate weakened by his primary.

This game of chicken is going to end up in only one way - a huge wreck where we ALL end up paying a lot more taxes.

They can't raise taxes directly on any group because of protected interests, but they can and will if they do nothing and them blame each other.

This is all scripted and a done deal.

Nice try, The Other Mike, but here's what really happened.

McConnell called for a vote on a proposal allowing the president to override the debt ceiling and giving the president unlimited borrowing authority. Harry Reid quickly agreed to the vote -- at which point McConnell, who'd proposed the vote, had to pull out his trusty filibuster in order to block his own proposal.

I know this will be painful, but try taking a look at a non-Fox News report: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/12/mitch-mcconnells-costly-misstep-reid-calls-bluff-on-debt-ceiling-feint/266035/

Roger, Roger. "Facts" are not convenient to this kind of discussion. You surely know better.

A open discussion w/o snide comments about the GOP will not happen, it is OK to not allow two opinions, just the one opinion that is wanted by LEFTISTS.

I find that just fine, the CIty and County of Portland get what they voted for, why complain. Be happy

Thanks for the link, Roger.

I am open to all views.

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