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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Food slop stink neighbors being strung along a month at a time

The Washington County commissioners just extended the permit for the obnoxious food composting operation that's stinking the people of North Plains right out of their houses and homes. But just for a month. Then they're going to decide on renewing it again. But just for nine months. They're on track to make a permanent decision in, oh, say 2099.

As the string is being played out, the official story is also changing. Now they say that most of the wretched food slop is coming from commercial outfits, and that only a small portion of it is coming from Portland homes. That sure seems odd, since the complaints about the ungodly stench began right around the time that Portland started twisting its residents' arms to throw food waste in with their yard debris.

In any event, the county commissioners who are jerking the population around out there ought to suffer the fate of the rogue commissioners in Clackistan. As the rebels on the other side of the big city have figured out, you can get even as well as mad.

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I wonder about the one month extension, and I also question the assertion that most of their debris is commercial food waste. Could it be that behind the scenes, COP officials wanted the one month extension to get past the holidays? By February, the parties are over (except for the Super Bowl), hardly anyone is doing anything in their yard except for those of us surrounded by trees, and the volume would be small enough that if the PDX yard debris needs to be hauled an extra 50 or 100 miles, it wouldn't cost the city near as much. I still wonder who would pay the additional costs if North Plains is no longer available for yard/food composting.

Praise the Lord and pass the Recall Petition!

My food scraps are going back in the regular garbage. How very "Portland" of us- dump our garbage on our rural neighbors. But in new car-hating Portland,
we'll never get out of the inner city and meet people who don't wear skinny jeans and work as baristas/fire dancers.

Merry Xmas Clackamas County, and please accept my apology for the term Clackistani.
North Plains- you are a wonderful town, and I apologize for not electing better Metro officials. Keep the faith Damascus- make them leave you alone!

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