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Monday, December 3, 2012

Election over, but campaigning grinds on

The peace of the post-election political lull was shattered twice last week here at Blog Central. On Tuesday morning, we got a robo-call urging us to call or e-mail the Portland City Council to urge them not to pass the Sam Rands' tax increase on telephone land lines. We didn't catch all of the call, because when we picked up the phone, the recording had already mostly played. (We have a robot of our own, which intercepts calls we don't recognize and tells solicitors to go away.) But we did catch the phrase "Oregon watchdog" being identified as the source of the call.

It seemed kind of silly. It assumed that the Portland City Council was going to be influenced by constituents' concerns about outrageous taxes and fees. Ha! Ha! That robo-call was a waste of somebody else's money and our time. And of course, the tax passed with flying colors. It's only your grandmother's money, and Creepy and the Admiral need it for... well, for something important.

Then later in the week, in our snail mailbox came a postcard:

This is being distributed on the heels of the rejection of a ballot measure that would have banned gillnetting in Oregon. Apparently the losing side in the election just concluded is now hoping that Gov. Retread can get restrictions done administratively. Unless he gets Washington State to go along, the effort seems doomed. There really is no sense hamstringing the Oregon commercial fishers if their counterparts on the other side of the river don't get the same treatment. Voters will say so again at the polls if need be.

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Good for the blue Oregon crowd. They can’t get it done via elections, then lobby sympathetic leaders for regulations. Animal rights activists, anti trapping, anti gill netting, anti gun, anti automobile, anti logging, anti Wal-Mart, pro IKEA, pro bicycle, pro streetcar and any other whacko left wing ideology. Germany is considering legalizing bestiality. Follow your European idols.

More pimping, hollering and threats today from Oregon lawmakers about Washington residents paying their "fair share" of the bloated, ongoing fiscal bleed known as the Columbia River Crossing "or we'll lose Federal dollars!".

It was less expensive when the railroad was ferrying trains over the river to Washington from Goble, pre-Interstate bridge.

And you had the option of whooping it up at the Redman Hall before heading into the Evergreen State.

"...other whacko left wing ideology. Germany is considering legalizing bestiality. Follow your European idols."

Why not go ALL the way, we need our drive in sex booths too.


This isn't just about lobbying... it's also about seeding public opinion in advance of the next election. Expect to see propaganda for all sorts of issues in the coming years.

We're living in an age of engineered "change".

Welp, I hope Creepy isn't in Portland when the bill is due. Someone else is finally acknowledging that all of the creative class geniuses he's been cultivating aren't going to stay in downtown once they start families:


Okay, I kid. It isn't just because they want to settle down and have families. Usually about the time the second child comes due, that's when Mom and Dad stop sending regular rent checks and insist that "you either need to get a real job or move back home."

Trying to put Astoria and other fishing towns on the Columbia out of business. Again. And Again. (Lather, rinse, repeat.)

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