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Friday, December 28, 2012

Damn right I'm cranky

We made the paper again. In the faux-alternative WW, we're labelled "cranky." If that's the opposite of Portland Polite, we're grateful for the compliment.

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Timothy Hutton tells Jody Stahancyk that he will take her out to dinner, but he never delivers.

"Leverage" is cancelled.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

And "prolific" too. I think I see more than a hint of envy. Congratulations Jack.

Jack, those "Negative Ads" against Packy was the funniest material of your Blog in 2012.
Elephant on a rampage, sex with a Rhino, etc. I had to make sure I had a drink free zone around the laptop when the latest "Ad" went up.
Well done and glad you have been branded "cranky"!

Hooray! For Cranky!
Pour yourself a congratulatory cocktail.

Damn right!
Who wants to be known as the sanguine blogger?
(Beside folks who aspire to cushy PR flak jobs in the administration.)

You should wear the distinction most proudly Jack!

Well... most posts are snarky complaints. Funny, informative complaints, but still pretty cranky. When you do offer solutions (like alternative mayoral candidates) they're interesting and thoughtful. I wish you'd suggest more solutions...

What Max said.

Hey, they spelled your name right. That's all you ask for.

The whole thing was a giant compliment.

As far as "Portland Polite," the comments on that Blue Oregon post rather put the lie to that, don't they.


You regularly get more comments than Wweek.com and you have scooped them in the past.

Maybe they're jealous?

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