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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Close enough to touch

It was dark day in Portland today. Dark metaphorically, but also dark literally. The clouds were thick, the rain was constant, and heavy at times. Friends on the west side of town, and on the east, saw some snowflakes in the dim mid-morning light.

We're impervious to the gloom, after more than 30 winter solstices here. "It's good for you," we told a recent arrival as we chatted in the grocery store.

We spent a little time this morning helping a friend try to bring some light to those in need, and on the way home, we even bought something local, hoping to warm up. But it was a bit of a slog, all the way through sunset. Not too heavy, but we could feel the gray.

Then tonight, suddenly there was a breakthrough. We were driving west on Sandy Boulevard, just past the wild and woolly part of town, when straight ahead -- at 12 o'clock -- there appeared a giant crescent moon. Just for a few minutes, but it was irresistible to the eye. In this season so taken with heavenly light in the darkness, there it was. There is still a moon. It still reflects the light of the sun -- just a sliver, but a bright yellow.

And it is good.

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I saw the same sight while out for a stroll around 6:20, called a couple friends to dash out on their back porch and look, and they shared in the revelry, too. Beauteous.

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