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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Avakian suddenly falls silent

We just updated our State of Oregon press release meter for the month of November, and guess what. Old Brad Avakian, the state labor commissioner, generated just one official press release the whole month. This after he sent out 10 in October, nine in September, and eight in August.

Why the sudden drop-off in press releases? Gee, do you think it might have anything to do with the fact that the guy was re-elected Nov. 6? Call us crazy, but to us it almost looks as though Avakian uses his official p.r. officer as a campaign aide. That kind of thing would never happen in Oregon, however, and so we can all put our minds to rest on that score.

Kate Brown, who was also re-elected, cranked out five releases in November to lead the pack for the month and for the year to date. But it's all pretty anemic compared to what old John Kroger used to produce. That guy was the Wilt Chamberlain of press releases.

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Wonder if Kroger got his briefcase back from Goldschmidt....

I used to laugh how most Members of the House of Representatives and Senators suddenly got the itch to use their postage-free Franking privileges to communicate with constituents the quarter before they were up for re-election.

And we keep electing them. Many fools vote here.

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