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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

At Regence, a $15 million typo

But they're calculating your deductible right. Sure they are.

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Spreadsheets are wonderful things. They can perpetuate, propagate and proliferate the smallest error without further human intervention.

My Grandfather's favorite quote, applies today, be it for politicians or Wall Street Bankers or in this case an Insurance Company.. "Figures don't lie, liars figure"

Were those mistakes benefiting the company? It wasn't that clear to me. Generally they do.

Cambia reported $6 million in spending that had never taken place

That's nothing, these guys are pikers. In the Social Security program the Federal government reported trillions of dollars of interest earned for investments that never took place.

Wait, the Feds invest SS money? Into what?

...and is anybody surprised that the Oregon Insurance Division apparently missed the issues in is reviews of Cambia, the mutual parent of both he Washington and Oregon Regence entities?

Gee, maybe they made a mistake on the 60% price hike they charged over the last 15 months.

I recently received a letter from Regence saying that an internal audit had discovered that I owed Regence $25 for a co-pay they said my doctor failed to charge me. When I checked my records and discovered that I had paid the co-pay, I called Regence and they told me not to worry about it. Very odiferous.

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