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Sunday, December 30, 2012

And it ain't the beast

We've seen enough of the dark beauty scholarship pageant world to know who to root for in this dispute.

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No thoughts on mandatory, one sided arbitration agreements chaired by an arbitrator hand picked by the drafter of the agreement?

I used to be an arbitrator. I gave it up. It's lawless.

Amen, Jack.

Sometimes the court annexed arbitrations in MultCo or WashCo Circuit Court work out, but the contract mandated arbs with either the securities industry folks or the American Arbitration Association, in my opinion and experience, are awful.

The whole thing is rigged, including the "scholarship" (cough) contestant's body.

I point that out because I know the boys would not notice.

THIS was the contest that the "transgender" man competed as a woman. Trump bent the rules to allow him/her to enter which was another reason this contestant gave (in addition to the per-ordained finalists) to resign.

Is there anything Trump touches that is NOT sketchy?

The man must be a law firm's billing dream... and probably a collection nightmare.

"...a collection nightmare."

The thought does plicken how Mr. Trump will collect $5 mil from Miss Contestant.

Children are starving, and this stuff is "news"?

Children starving is not "news."

And at least this contestant's not going around using up food that could be feeding them.

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