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Sunday, December 30, 2012

And around the turn they come

The Dallas Cowboys fell to RG3 and the Washington Incorrects this evening, and so there were no additional points earned after dark (West Coast time) in our charity pro football underdog game. It's on to the playoffs now -- four games next week, four more the week after that, and two the following week.

This coming weekend, there are two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. Because of this schedule, all picks for the week will be due by kickoff time Saturday afternoon, 1:30 p.m. Pacific.

Here are our standings as we head into that week:

DB Cooper 57.5
Will 44
George 43.5
Michael K. 40
NoPoGuy 39
Drewbob 37
JMH 36
Tung 34
Pete Rose 33.5
Grizfan 31.5
Bad Brad 30.5
Paul 29
PDXileinOmaha 28
Broadway Joe 25.5
Tinknocker 25
John Ch. 24
Sola 23.5
Ted 22.5
Cinderella Story 22
genop 22
Juicen 22
Dr. D 21.5
Carol 21
Dave A. 21
Rudie 20.5
Pdxmick 19
Bob 18.5
Annie 18
Bayou Baby 18
genop's gal 17.5
Ricardo 16.5
Jeremy 15
Usual Kevin 15
John Cr. 14
Gordon 11.5
Pete Rozelle 11.5
Eric W. 10
Biggest Cubs Loser 9.5
Coastal Storm 8
MickeyMacNYC 6
Lucas 5
Gary 0

The top five finishers earn money for their favorite charities, and there is still the potential for several players to climb into the money from a lower rung on the ladder -- not to mention jockeying among the current leaders. A lot will depend on the point spreads, the first round of which we'll unveil officially on Tuesday. Here are the games for next weekend, wild card weekend:

Cincinnati at Houston, 1:30
Minnesota at Green Bay, 5

Indianapolis at Baltimore, 10
Seattle at Washington, 1:30

Players, once again, please note that the deadline for all games next weekend will be 1:30 p.m. PST on Saturday. See you Tuesday with the lines.

Comments (5)

If you're a sports columnist and you can't make this season in the NFL work for you, then it is over. Forget the betting line. This is the Season of the Story Line:

1.) RG3 and Alfred Morris
2.) Andrew Luck/Coach Returns
3.) Russell Wilson
4.) Adrian Peterson/Ponder delivers after marrying Samantha Steele

Locally, where's the obvious sports column about Paul Allen getting Russell Wilson and Damian Lillard in the same season? What are the odds of that? I searched the Oregonian and it was pointed out in the comment section.

Let me see what Dwight Jaynes has got: "Dwight and Jordan Live in Phoenix." Hmm, you could take that headline a number of ways.
Scanning down looking for the joy... "Blazer Fans: Don't get too attached to JJ Hickson." Yup, Dwight's doing his "Maestro of Misery" routine.

Let's see what Canzano has done with this Season of Story Lines in the NFL. His last NFL column was "NFL murder-suicide calls us all to be better teammates." How about some better sports columnists? We've got story lines that are actually uplifting and great right now. Sports is supposed to be fun. We could use someone who could also point out those storybook times when something great and rare happens. Like right now. Wake up!

We're coming off the Greg Oden years and suddenly Paul Allen seems to have hit it big with 2 surprise stars in one year. It's a story, you idiots.

Maybe these guys should move to Phoenix.

If I'm reading the playoff matchup rules correctly (and I often screw this up), a lot will be decided on Saturday. In the NFC, if Green Bay wins, they play the 2-seeded Niners; if Minnesota wins, they play the 1-seeded Falcons. Sunday's Seattle-Washington winner plays the other top seed left over after the Saturday games decide the matchup.

In the AFC, if Houston wins, they play New England; if the Bengals win, they play Denver. Same deal on Sunday, with Indy-Baltimore, as in the NFC: Winner gets the leftover top seed after Saturday determines the matchup.

So the Sunday teams will know before game time who their next opponents would be. Did I get that right?

We could use someone who could also point out those storybook times when something great and rare happens. Like right now.

We have that, Bill -- you!

I'd enjoy a Broncos v. Seattle or Niners super bowl. I really would.

Yeah, I forgot that on the great story line list: Peyton.

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