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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Portland Christmas

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Compost container centerpiece? Sounds lovely. Thanks for the tip.

So are you getting any residuals for giving them the idea on this blog?

Good grief. If I didn't know better I would have read those holiday tips as some sort of comical gig. Obviously, Portland has gone far beyond the need for basic tin foil hats. P.S. ... love stenchy and co.'s headgear ... very festive!

Recco is an absolute party animal. Can't wait to see his hi-jinks at the party next week.

Interesting that they mention multiple containers. We've had two of the yellow recycling baskets for lo these many years now. I use one for deposit bottles, and one for all the other disposable glassware.

Last week, the Arrow Sanitary guy took the glassware bin with him. I called for a replacement, and was told that the city is cracking down on homes with more than one recycling bin, and they'd been told to keep any surplus baskets they happen across.

So now, I'm just tossing the glassware in whichever bin seems the emptiest. Nice work, C of P.

Ha, ha! I can just imagine...

"You are cordially invited to a party at my home. Please remember to bring your own containers to take away your own trash, food scraps and sewage."

Living the dream in the eco-village.

THAT's where our yellow bin went to...
I figured the metal gatherers had "borrowed" it...

I don't know how Portlanders stand that patronizing, school-nurse style being talked down to. Is there a compost bucket for that kind of crap?

I don't need a compost bucket for cleaning the fridge of leftovers. We put leftovers on our "plates." Then we "eat" them. Isn't that a clever recycling idea?

I recently read in the gardening section of a newspaper that compost piles do well with regular additions of urine. This apparently is a longstanding Asian tradition and very beneficial for reasons of pH regulation and proper decomposition.

Portland needs a giant pee-in. (Or pee-on.) Take it away!

So Reeko from Jersey is still here. Is he moving in on Stenchy's territory? Does he have the blessing of "the family"?

But not too much pee....or the ph doesn't work right and then the smell is terrible! I know about this because we have a composting toilet at our cabin. To help balance the liquid vs solid problem the boys pee outside!
And just go out an buy more dinner wear from China...that will help the carbon foot print!
And that slop bucket in the middle of the dinner table will look great with some holly around it....what a centerpiece!
These phony ignorant city folks at city hall have NO idea.....

The light green composting bin is gonna look great just outside the guest bedroom (they won't miss it there)---I think I'll add a little tinsel!!! And after the holidays I think I'll just mail the tinsel to Susan Anderson, since she is the garbage expert and will know whether it should go in the dark green, light green, brown, blue, or yellow bin.

I don't know what my family is going to do with our Christmas trash, because we're already in a (trash) heap of trouble.

We went on a vacation in October, and it happened to be the week trash gets picked up. Since we didn't put our container out before we left, we returned to a full bin and still 1 1/2 weeks before our next pick-up.

Since then, we've been perpetually behind, putting trash in the garage because the bin is always full. Every other Monday I feel like I won the lottery, because they dump the trash and I can instantly refill it with the trash in the garage, meaning our garage won't stink for a few days. Hooray.

Since we're behind schedule with no chance of catching up, it looks like I'll have to make a run to the dump after Christmas and pay $29 to get rid of the trash. If they just picked up weekly, this would never have become a problem!

Ask Reeko & Stenchy if they're going to eat that edible banana on the top in wheeled the Green Compost can?

I see they already found the one in the brown Kanadian Kitchen small one.

Can Reeko open beer bottles with his front teeth?
Now there is a par-tay trick!

"Winter in Portlandia"
7:30pm Friday night on IFC

"It's wintertime in Portlandia; Peter and Nance struggle to keep off winter weight by cutting pasta from their diets; Candace's son visits Women and Women First bookstore for the holidays; a couple tries to keep their food cart in business"

Perhaps the compost bins will make an appearance...

I avidly read this issue of the Curbsider from cover to cover, and was particularly impacted by the article advising me to cut back on food waste by cooking smaller meals. Who knew???

Michelle, you have it exactly backwards. Make bigger meals and reheat the leftovers. How's that for cutting back waste -- of time and energy?

Stenchy, can I have some of that ribbon candy behind you?

Last week, the Arrow Sanitary guy took the [yellow recycling] glassware bin with him.

Thanks for the tip, Roger; I wasn't aware they're "collecting" them. They're not going to get mine. I use the smaller (32 gallon) blue container, available upon request, but there's no rate break for downsizing it from the 50.

can I have some of that ribbon candy...

I wouldn't get my hand that close to Recco, if you know what's good for you.

Or you could move to Nevada where we simply toss anything we don't want into a huge 96 gallon container and get it picked up every week by Waste Management.

I liked the idea that you should take your cart to the curb every week, even if it isn't full (as if). Why? Is it lonely? Coming up next: How to train your cart to do amusing tricks . . . or . . . cunning and festive outfits to knit for your curbside bins.

Crafting Food Compost Cozies! Genius.

On the back page of the Portland Curbsider - Story time! Hear other clever stories. . . .

It would be great if one day a very clever story can be written about citizens who created their own coalition to put a stop to this nonsense before our entire city is overtaken by these behavioral controllers.

"Put recycling and kitchen compost containers in plain sight for guests"

Yep. What could be more in plain sight than as a center piece in the middle of the dining room table, left open?

Or maybe on the floor as a spittoon? Oh, not so gross! Call it a cuspidor! an eco cuspidor.

Will you be posting pictures of when you and your furry friends visit the downtown Christmas tree and other chewable Portland places of interest ?

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