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Friday, December 7, 2012

7.3 quake off Fukushima

It was about 150 miles offshore, but at this hour, they're still talking about tsunami potential.

UPDATE, 1:38 a.m.: Four aftershocks so far, including a 6.2.

UPDATE, 3:36 a.m.: Quake video from a security cam at the Fukushima triple meltdown site:

Comments (6)

That's awful. Sending prayers.

It's like our off-shore Colorado. And yeah....it is sad.

Not going away!
As much as everyone having anything to do with this would like to pretend that everything is fine and its all gong to be OK ...it's not!

Nothing to see here. Move along. :-(

How did the containment pools hold up?

Real problems / fake video.
The camera is shaking while looking at someone's Lego kit. No swaying towers, no flickering lights, no falling debris. Watch the lower right corner a few times and the parallax of a camera close to the scene being jiggled is apparent.

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