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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 -- it goes in the green bin

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I'm loving watching the Adams countdown clock today. Been glaring at it for years! Here's one last gag inducing ditty and video to remember him by:
Happy New Year!!!!

I like that Stenchy is saving environment by reusing an old New Uear's decoration!

Reduce - reuse - recycle!

Creepy has modified his facebook page; editing out the Mayor portion....Thank God this is finally over.

Looks like a fun party!
We stayed in tonight...too much snow and ice where we live to come home easily. The dog is happy we are home!

Sam Rand Twins are gone
0 : 00 : 00 : 00
Day Hr Min Sec

See ya' Admiral...Hasta la vista, Creepy.

For what it's worth; in our Gannett owned local newspaper a couple weeks ago, there was a news article about "green" buildings built around the country over the past few years. I think the article was a re-print of a USA Today news story. Basically, the story was about how few of these eco/green buildings meet either their cost savings or low utility cost goals. And that most of the public agencies that are supposed to track these mostly non-existant "savings" have done little or nothing to report these failings to their public.
Perhaps in the future some folks need to put these green/sustainability folks in the public spotlight when the planned "savings" fail to materialize.

Dave A, I wish the public spotlight would be placed on the 4 windmills on top of the Twelve West Gerding-Edlen building in downtown Portland. It would be a simple and dramatic demonstration of how payback for public tax dollars is a long time coming.

The windmills are only a small part of all the tax dollars employed devices employed in this building. We need accounting. We don't need "guesstimate" dollars assigned to "it's a demonstration" value, so that's worth...?

Mossypdx -

Clicking on the link yields;

HTTP 404: File not Found
The URL you specified could not be found. PortlandOnline Home

Sorta' like 1984 - the great erasure begins.

Stenchy looks a bit hung over - must have caught some bad fish in the big green roll cart.

That was a quick takedown! Or was it all just a bad dream?

Mossy -

I was on a city website keyed to "Mayor"....

I expect Char-LIE wasn't amused.

Besides "Gangnam Style" & "Fiscal Cliff", can we ban the use of the words, "Sustainable" and "Office of Equity" now?

ltjd - Better yet, can we stop spending COP money on them?

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