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Friday, November 2, 2012

Wilder and wackier

As if it weren't ugly enough, the Clackistan War now has charges of ballot tampering in the mix. Thank goodness the current round of insanity will be over in less than five days.

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With vote by mail, when are the counties allowed (required?) to start counting and when are they allowed to start releasing the results?

However, there does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel:

Portland City Commissioner, Pos. 1 City of Portland
Amanda Fritz 98% with 11,221 Total Votes
Mary Nolan 2% with 222 Total Votes

Ain't no crazy like a Clackistan crazy.

It's time for Sherry Hall the county's election clerk to find a new job.

Based on what?
I know Sherry and all about the election's office operation over the past few years.
Sherry Hall is entirely ethical and professional. So is her staff.

We don't know what happened yet.

On the other hand last cycle Commissioners Peterson, Lininger and others tried to smear Hall and get one of "their own kind" elected to that office.

So your calling for her to find a new job is off base.

I hope they go ahead and secede before civil war breaks out down there. Otherwise we are all going to have to pay higher taxes to fund the state intervention and take over of their County government.

Lehan is already crying about how she got screwed by an R conspiracy. Lawsuit incoming - http://www.oregonlive.com/oregon-city/index.ssf/2012/11/clackamas_county_chairwoman_ch_1.html#incart_river


"The Clackamas County Elections office is no stranger to controversy. Two years ago, Elections Clerk Hall mistakenly put a county commission race on the May ballot, although it was not scheduled until November. That error resulted in county commissioners and Hall battling in court over the $118,000 cost of printing ballots and also fighting over inaccurate voter's pamphlets and an 85-page elections complaint Hall subsequently filed against the commissioners."

So this is the second screw up in her office in her current term. I can't possibly imagine how a temporary employee managed to get her hands on ballots and then filled in votes! Maybe I'm just naive or clueless, but I always assumed that ballots were treated like gold and there would ALWAYS be at least two people with eyes on them at all times they weren't securely under lock and key. If that isn't the standard it should be. Maybe Sherry is a nice lady, but this has incompetence and a lack of leadership written all over it.

Given the contentiousness of the politics going on down there and the stakeholders that are involved, it's a bit suspicious that a single employee took it on themselves to disrupt the election just a few days beforehand. It's always easy to blame things on a single shooter. After all, there's big, big money to be had developing "density" in Clackamas Co.


You do not have the whole or real stories.

All you are doing is parroting the accusatory version launched by commissioners who tried to take Hall out.

Hall did not make the mistake as you are citing.

You don't know what happened now and don't have a clear understanding of what happened before.

Sherry Hall is a nice lady, ethical and competent.

How can anyone not know it's the Clackamas County commissioners who are the bad guys here.
Their allegiance to all things Sam Rand, Rail, apartment bunkers, Metro & every sleazy deal in sight could not be more clear.

So as they target all those who are challenging their ruling regime take a reality check.

"On the other hand last cycle Commissioners Peterson, Lininger and others tried to smear Hall and get one of "their own kind" elected to that office"

These past clowns and the current clowns Lehan, Damon and Bernard have done nothing but hassle Ms.Hall for quite a while now. Why? Because she doesn't play the game like they want. She seems professional and competent. Who turned in this temporary worker? Ms. Halls staff did.

No worries, we don't have an Atty. General or Sec. of State anyway all the accused woman has to do is claim to be a PPS employee and she will most likely receive a medal and a raise.

The Secretary of State is in charge of ensuring ballot security.

Secretary of State Kate Brown says there is no vote fraud in Oregon. Case closed!

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