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Saturday, November 3, 2012

U.S. will press Japan to keep nukes

As all the flag-waving goes on this weekend, we're still a pretty arrogant player on the world scene.

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It's good to read what the Japan Times has to say on this issue. And yes, we are a very nationalistic and I'll add, self centered and pushy people. However Mr. Hamre is quite right about Japan's need for nuclear power. They must import much of the energy needed to run a highly developed economy and natural gas is expensive for them. That leaves oil, coal and nuclear, especially for base load. Alternative energy has low efficiency and output. We already know the liabilities of oil and coal. The key to nuclear is operating with even greater care than other forms of energy production. And what country other than Japan is know for meticulous care building and operating things? Japan needs to get over it, learn the lessons from Fukushima, and put the lessons into action at it's other power plants. A first lesson--just my opinion--is don't build on the sea shore in a tsunami zone. (Disclaimer: I just bought an electric car and rely on the power grid to charge my car.)

We might look at nuclear power in France to see what they've been doing right. Nuclear is the primary source of power there and we haven't read about it in the news. Also, check out a local connection on this, http://www.nuscalepower.com/

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