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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stories we stopped reading after one sentence

The uncertain fate of the federal Production Tax Credit has slammed the breaks on Vestas' fastest growing market.

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Give me a brake!

Good call Jack cause you sucked me in, I did go a bit into the story and yes you are right ( no you are left, I should have said correct) party is way over for tax payer supported loser energy systems.
Although I heard on the radio today that Dr. Retread is hassling congress to reauthorize tax credits for wind / alternative energy sorces that are idle and cost 5-12 times the "normal" coal/nuc/lng/cng sources.

Funny the EVIL Walmart has been the largest purchaser of the energy tax credits for a couple of years now.

My guess is, this office will remain open as long as Portland residents keep being forced to subsidize it. After all, just having their sign lit up on a building makes us look like conscientious world citizens.

No brainer.

Doez no1 uze copi editers that kan spill anymoor? Thes has bin makeng mi krazi jist reeding the O for yeers.

Them's the brakes, I guess.

No problem. Kitzhaber will start a state project, and then want to raise taxes "for the children" afterwards when he had to cut school funding to pay for his energy project.

Good thing he isn't a doctor anymore. He'd help you recover from a heart attack by amputating your leg, and then ask you to pay for an artifical arm afterwards to make you whole.

If the only thing that is keeping you in business is a tax credit than you do not belong in business. Come backw when you have a market.

George, do you speak of the Bonneville Power Admin? Or the TVA? Huge public power projects that fueled the production that won WWII and powered a multi-generational economic expansion? As if coal mining and gas fracking actually charge their customers the full social costs of their activities. Not that America's subsidy program makes a lick of sense, mind you. Germany did it right - a 20 year step down in subsidies. The result: no renewal fights every couple years, all the focus is on getting in as early as possible, so installers have been competing on price. Now, nearly every step in a solar or wind installation is about half the price as here in the US.

A few years back, it was part of my job to search the world for wacky news. This meant occasionally changing the British spelling - the dumbest one for me was "aeroplane."

Of course, the British tabloids would often just make up stories, and the quotes would sound a little off: "Britney Spears then yelled to her mother, 'I've got to go hospital, Mum.'"

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