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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stanford beats Ducks!!!!

Good night, UC Nike -- karma, baby! Chip Kelly, call your realtor, cancel the listing. WOOO HOOOO!

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The only bad part: Notre Dame for the national championship.

Maybe you could root for USC next week.

No way. The only time I root for USC is against the Ducks. Stanford goes to the Rose Bowl, Ducks go to the Tostitos Bowl -- it doesn't get any better than that.

Stanford has UCLA next week. Not a gimme.

Live by the BCS. Die by the BCS. A playoff would be nice.

Stanford has UCLA next week. Not a gimme.

With a shot at the Rose Bowl on the line? Stanford is a lock. Then a rematch.

Ducks go Tostitos. UC Nike money gets nowhere. Then the NCAA sanctions. Priceless!

"..karma,baby!" ... exactly right. Been waiting for it.

BTW--Chip's parents sold their Florence home last fall and moved back home to NH. Probably had a clue he was goin' pro last year? Whatever, just glad to see The Chip irate on the sideline and have it go for naught. The Duck fanboys weren't even capable of thinking Stanford could man up, use their brawn AND brain and hold 'em. So typical and SO Nike U.


Glad I could watch it in the safety of my home. Would have provoked fisticuffs in any public venue in Oregon. Chip -- how does it taste?

Glad I could watch it in the safety of my home. Would have provoked fisticuffs in any public venue in Oregon. Chip -- how does it taste?

ehhh, not so sure. A lot of folks in Oregon hate the Ducks, they just keep in on the down low.

Growing up in Oregon, but having gone to college in NY, I root for both UofO and Oregon St. That said, I am thoroughly sick or Phil Knight and his attempt to buy Oregon.

U.C. Nike. "Uncle Phil, maybe if you send another $10 million, we can beat Stanford." Hysterical.

Remembering his Dirty Harry-style quote from last year: "I've got some unfinished business here..."

Looks finished to me.

I knew opening Bojack would be painful tonight.

"Chip -- how does it taste?"

LIkely response: "We live in the moment. Right now I'm looking at a big plate of carbs in the hot tub. Tastes good. WTD. (see snarky face with a visor)."

The night visor. What an a.h.

At least we'll always have this to remember the season by:

The Ducks are different. They play basketball on turf. There are several NFL teams that couldn't keep up with them for four quarters.

Posted by Jack Bog | November 5, 2012 10:47 PM

That is still true. But now we know the way you beat them: run the ball hard, throw short and sparingly, and keep their offense off the field.

Or just pay to fix the game. Tonight the Ducks truly looked as though they were throwing it.

Speaking of karma, wasn't it great to see Alabama's Nick Saban have such a wonderful night tonight? It was so nice to see one of the truly good guys of the SEC finally get a break.

Wait, Jack, I thought you root for the Ducks to beat USC. After all, the Ducks are just a mini-USC . . . . (Funny that USC and USC Jr. both lost tonight!)

The only time I root for USC is against the Ducks...

I thought you root for the Ducks to beat USC.

Tung, you're right. I'm so giddy with excitement right now, I don't know what all I'm saying. I'll worry about next week tomorrow. Right now, I'm just thrilled that the Ducks are going to some lame second-tier bowl, and Stanford is probably going to the Rose Bowl. WOOO HOOOO!!!

The best part of the night: muting Brent Musberger and listening to the game via the Duck homers. They were pretty much speechless at the end.

Well, not so fast there with the Duck-misery gloating . . . . If UCLA beats Stanford next week, and Oregon beats Oregon State, then Oregon would still go the Pac-12 championship. In other words, Stanford has to beat UCLA twice. Not sure how likely that is.

If UCLA beats Stanford next week

That isn't going to happen.

Stanford has to beat UCLA twice.

In L.A., no less, right? But I'm taking this one week at a time.

If the Stanford defense that showed up in Eugene last night shows up the next two weeks, the Rose Bowl is secure.

Nice choke, Ducks! You were a 21-point favorite in this game, too. Nice job, Stanford defense!

No kidding.

BTW, USC has lost three of its last four. Good times! And two of their wins were over Colorado and Utah -- the equivalent of their grandmothers.

Daddy Warbucks Phil, is probably noy happy this am.
Hee Hee!

UCLA is for real! And I'll wager a redwood seedling that the Bruins beat my former Indians.

You're on.

I do appreciate the irony that a bunch of Oregonians(and Californian-hating transplants) are rooting for Stanford(the snobbiest Bay Area school of them all) simply because they hate U of O--yet now Ducks fans have to hope for both USC and UCLA to win next weekend. Heh heh...


In looking at the new BCS rankings, where Oregon sits #5, I think the chances are high that Oregon still goes to a BCS game even if Stanford wins the Pac-12 North. If everyone wins out from here who should win out, then the BCS championship would be Notre Dame vs Alabama (and I might have to root for ND just because I can't stand the SEC). Georgia loses to Alabama in the SEC championship and drops below Oregon. Stanford, K-State, Wisconsin, Florida State, and some lame Big East team take the automatic conference bids. Who do the two at-large bids go to? Maybe Georgia or Florida nabs one, but the SEC can't get more than two BCS teams, so that's it from there. No Big Ten team deserves to be there, and Oregon would be the highest ranked team left.

The Ducks can have the Tostitos Bowl, or whatever. No Rose Bowl, no national championship game? Maybe Uncle Phil needs to throw another $10 million, and the athletic department can steal another $5 million from the English Department.

What would be absolutely amazing, is if Oregon State manages to muscle up and totally screw the Ducks' season by winning the civil war.

That would have Oregon blasted down to the Sun Bowl at best.

Hey Mike Riley: I hope you have spent the last two weeks dissecting the Stanford defense and replicating it.

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