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Sunday, November 11, 2012

So, did your vote get counted?

A friend of ours is a little upset that the vote cast by one member of his household apparently didn't get counted. We're not sure what happened there, but if you want to see if your Oregon vote made it to the county elections officials, you can go here and check.

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Hi Jack:
There's a glitch somewhere in the computer voter talley program(State of Oregon). I tried it twice and the program response told me that I was not registered? Nonsense. If not, why was I sent the voter packet by US mail?

Old C: Me too!

While the website does show me with a valid registration and that my ballot was received, there is no confirmation that my vote was actually counted.

It would be interested if there was a tally of:
- ballots received by the due date/time
- ballots counted
- ballots not counted for whatever reason, with reasons indicated

Yes, I realize that ballots are separated from the outside envelope with voter's name and address, but the tally would still show some interestig information about the number of ballots that were not counted.

Do I think errors were made? Of course. Consequential? Perhaps.

Not to worry folks, Kate Brown is on the job !

Here's my readout:

No voter records were found with the entered criteria.

Something isn't right...

A member of my household's vote didn't get counted in Wa. state, either. A little different background, but, another glitch in the vote by mail deal, though.

I have 2 grown sons. The older One is married and living in Oregon for the past 3 years. The younger one is working for his Uncle in Afghanistan. Son #2's ballot was sent to his legal address (our home). I knew that I couldn't
forward it to him and get it back in time for election day, so I kept it and asked him how he wanted to vote. He had no interest in the local dogcatcher races but was specific he wanted to vote for Romney for President and Michael Baumgartner against Senator Maria Cantwell (Washington's invisible Senator until it comes time for re-election). Anyway, I voted for his 2 selections, left the rest blank, and signed HIS name in my handwriting and turned it in. Friday, I got a call from the Mrs. worriedly explaining we had received a letter from the county elections department they had noted the signature on the ballot did not match his registration signature and that unless he returned a new signature card, his ballot would be thrown out. In addition, the person responsible (me) for foisting this unjustice upon the fair election system would also be subject up to a $10,000 fine and/or 5 years in prison. She was surprised when I said I wasn't worried a bit. "Why not? They might come and get you." "Well," I answered, "this is the same department that has been written to twice and called three times that son #1 is no longer even a resident of Washington. They still don't seem to get it and keep sending him a ballot." THOSE, I do throw away.

So much for the integrity of the vote by mail system.

All it says is that my ballot was received, not if it was counted.

Clayman, you just admitted to election fraud. He should have used the military email vote process which would be less secure but at least legal. ;)

"She was surprised when I said I wasn't worried a bit. "Why not? They might come and get you."

Just because they choose to not sweat the details of one thing ("They still don't seem to get it and keep sending him a ballot.") does not mean that they will not sweat other details, like your illegally signed ballot.

The government is great at making an example where they want to, and ignoring the laws in other areas.

As Seth says: "Clayman, you just admitted to election fraud."

And then you (Clayman) say: "THOSE, I do throw away."

So you are selective in your election fraud.

Does that make your honorable?

Or lazy?

I got no results the first time I tried to check earlier. Tried a couple more times after I noticed I had accidentally capitalized the first two letters of my last name and wondered if that was the problem, but still nothing. Started to get a little worried. Then I just again went back to it now, finally worked. "Your ballot was received on October 24, 2012."

I think that form is just on the fritz. Might try a fresh web session, clearing cookies, or just try again later if you're having trouble.

Mine worked.

Not sure Clayman's story shows the intended integrity breach. No fraudulent votes were counted despite the felony committed.

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