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Friday, November 30, 2012

Secret zombie hotel talks getting rough

The Metro government drones who are foisting a white elephant Convention Center hotel on the innocent public are making the deal with Hyatt Hotels in a back room devoid of light, air, or public scrutiny. It's a bad, bad way to run government. The second-tier politicians who sit on the Metro board ought to have their heads handed to them over that in their next elections. But of course, this is Portlandia, and they'll just mumble something "green" and coast to re-election.

Today we learn that even with nobody looking, they're having trouble getting the Hyatt people to be realistic. There's a "funding gap," we're told, and the talks are stalling.

There's also a common sense gap. Let's hope the talks break down and this stinker of a deal slinks back into its tomb, where it belongs.

It's also sad to observe that yesterday's spin on the deal from Tom "Waylon" Hughes, the underachieving Metro president, made no mention of a "funding gap." That was a sneaky omission, weak reporting, or both.

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I'll translate - Funding gap is code for not enough public "participation"

Participation is code for money

Problem: Hotel.

Solution: No hotel.

Done and done.

Oh, this is Portland.

. . . they're having trouble getting the Hyatt people to be realistic.

Hyatt may be the only realistic ones here, they may know that no matter how much public "participation" is involved, no hotel is really warranted there.

Building a 600-room hotel in the Lloyd district is a business opportunity at $50-75 million, which translates into a $150-175 million strings-free public gift.

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