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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sam Rands' West Hayden Island railroad job fails

Even the hand-picked bobbleheads on the Portland planning commission were aghast at the shameless abuse of process that the mayor attempted in connection with the proposed Port of Portland shipping terminal on West Hayden Island. Last night the opponents won the right to a level of public input at least slightly above a disgraceful sham. Good for them.

But it still seems like a few months' delay of the inevitable. This is a Network deal, and Char-Lie and Novick promise to be every bit as beholden to the powers that be as the departing Sam Rand Twins have been. Unless somebody finds a truly endangered species on that island in a hurry, the wildlife there is likely to be smelling the asphalt by Easter.

Comments (3)

Public process? The only valid members are Ben Dover, P. Brain, and Morey Bund.

And as Charlie's post-election fundraiser demonstrates:

You might pretend they can't buy you before the election, but you can sure let everybody see them buy you after the election.

Let us hope that the public and the wildlife will win on this one for a change.
There are times when those who "want" have just gone too far and too obvious for all to see, this may be it.
People are tired of it, witness the over 43,000 signatures collected recently within 30 days regarding fluoride where people insisted on bringing the matter to a vote.
The public ought to be able to vote on Hayden Island and other critical matters.

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