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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sam Rand swan song: stinko development deals

It's hard to tell which is worse: the Grove Hotel youth hostel that's going to lose big money even under the most optimistic projections, or the Memorial Coliseum rehab, which is a historic preservation money pit masquerading as a business deal. They both deserve a hard second look from the new mayor and whomever he installs as the new bobbleheads at the Portland Development Commission. But will the three continuing City Council members let the mayor and the Admiral ram these through before they skip town? If so, the fiasco is on the three survivors' watch.

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You say "Yes", We say "No."
We say "Stop" and You say, "Go, go, go."
Oh no.
We say "Goodbye" and You say "Hello."

I wonder if this has anything to do with being frustrated about not being able to pour money down the drain for the Un-Sustainability Center...

I have some hope that Amanda is beginning o make the connection between school funding in he PPS 1J district and PDC finance schmes. Even "he Legend" can add and subtract and do simple arithmetic. But, INHO, Jelly Fish is a hopeless toady who will sell his vote at all times for the promise of future campaign contributions from contractors, unions, and finance guys.

If CharLIE is a one termer when the City's finances implode, its going to be an interesting fight between Jelly Fish and Novak for Mayor.

Maybe, just maybe the people of Portland will have learned to go for recalls when elected officials betray us. After what I have observed, we should consider a Fish recall if he continues voting against the public interest.

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