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Monday, November 5, 2012

"Road diet" your way to starvation

The City of Portland "transportation" bureau has an endless supply of money for bike toys, but then it cries the blues about its budget being short by millions of dollars. New blood is needed at the top of that office, and very badly. Only 56 days remain until the chance for de-creepification.

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You gotta be kidding me, my lord, what insanity we have down there

"Only 56 days remain until the chance for de-creepification."

Hate to tell you, but we said the same after Vera, Potter and Bud and look at what trash we got stuck with.

With the budget shortfalls, I'm sure CHarlie is going to put together every URD he can think of.

No, actually, it's never been as bad as it's been under the Sam Rands and Miller. It cannot get any worse.

Potter was actually a good mayor. Clark was also decent.

You can still move away, they haven't set up turnpikes yet. Begin again, off-world.

Too late. The instutional knowledge for maintaining the infrastructure has all been driven out. Nothing left but planners creating toys and looking for different coloroed pots of money.

On the KGW mayoral debate a few weeks ago, I swear I heard mention of a street maintenance levy the city would like to add to Portland tax bills. This article is certainly the set-up for that.

As a now-thankfully-retired COP employee, I could gather 6-10 knowledgeable budget folks at the city from different bureaus, and in a day we could cut $100 million from COP's budget. Seriously.

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