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Friday, November 2, 2012

Reader poll: Should they run the NYC Marathon?

The City of New York, rocked by this week's superstorm, still has hundreds of thousands of households without power. People are threatening to kill each other over their spots in the gasoline lines. The city is handing out free food to try to maintain some semblance of order. And there's quite a debate about whether this Sunday's New York City Marathon should go on as scheduled. The event takes up a lot of city resources at a time when many people think those resources should be devoted elsewhere. Many are calling for the race to be cancelled or postponed.

Some stories about the controversy are here and here. What do you think?

Should they run the New York City Marathon on Sunday?
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Comments (23)

Bloomberg is nuts.

So much for any future national political career...

I'm sure it's not about the marathon that you're so indignant. Ha! Ha!

Bloomy can buy any office he wants, except maybe President.

It's a shame Bloomberg spent so much on banning big gulps.

Kinda reminds me of OUR politicians.

I'd expect the greatest city in the world to be able to run and eschew politics at the same time. Runners: get ready ... set ...

Think of the benefits. As the runners toss the water bottles aside, there could be a wild scramble to secure a vital life-sustaining liquid...

Bloomie built his empire!

Let him enjoy his little "choo-choo" train, or Gotham SimCity, or whatever he pleases to spend his hard earned money. Let's be glad that he is 3000 miles away. Just imagine if Paul Allen decided to buy the P-town Mayorship. We would not have Scam, The Admiral, Nutsy or CharLie!

NYC should definately do the Marathon. Let the skinny little runners from the world over enjoy all the goodies, powered by triple redundant generators while the other parts of NYC go hungry and powerless.

Well, the joke's on me -- I voted in a poll asking whether they should CANCEL the NY Maraathon.

As for Bloomberg, he's one of the precious few in public life who make any sense at all.

Sure they should.

About as much as New Orleans should have run a marathon starting in the Lower 9th Ward six days after Katrina.

Even Ray Nagin wasn't that much of an idiot.

How Hurricane Sandy destroyed years of medical research
By The Week's Editorial Staff | The Week – 6 hrs ago

Bloomberg has the mindset of socialist who advances a dictatorial socialistic agenda. Sammyboy has the mindset of a socialist who advances a dictatorial socialistic agenda. When Sammyboy’s rein of authoritarianism comes to a finale at the end of the year, he should move to New York where he will be in like company.

It's been canceled, FYI....

Let's be glad that he is 3000 miles away.

Things could be worse. He could wash out in NY politics and show up here next.

Bloomberg has the mindset of socialist who advances a dictatorial socialistic agenda.

I get a little thrill every time I think how effectively our Constitution and especially the First Amendment protects the expression of even the most moronic, counterfactual opinions.

"I get a little thrill every time I think how effectively our Constitution and especially the First Amendment protects the expression of even the most moronic, counterfactual opinions."

You should. If only for that sentence alone (ie, "especially" the first amendment).

"...even the most moronic, counterfactual opinions."

Allan, you left out disgusting. Don't limit yourself to just moronic and counterfactual.

"Allan J, you are disgusting."

Posted by Molly | October 30, 2012 7:04 PM

Also, Allan, along with the original Constitution saying nothing about freedom of speech, "counterfactual" is not a synonym for "untrue." However you are correct that the first amendment would protect your right to misuse it.

PROOF that liberal mayors READ Jack's Blog:

AP: 2:35 pm 11/2/12

"NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says New York City Marathon has been canceled."

"His statement Friday came after mounting criticism that this was not the time for a race."

so, is it Allan L. Bloomberg?? :-)

If people want to run, let them run. Ancient Greek style, ie, no support/water stations/police escorts/etc.

On ABC News this evening, after reporting the New York Marathon was cancelled, the broadcast showed rows of portable potties, trailers that could be used for temporary shelter, tents, four huge diesel generators, bottles of water being unloaded for runners and cases of vodka being unloaded for the snob parties. All (except the booze) could be utilized to help those without electricity or left homeless by super storm Sandy. The pictures gave the impression of a let them eat cake attitude by Bloomberg as related to not wanting to cancel the marathon. For the runners that have already arrived in area, they are likely in great physical condition and therefore well positioned to perform a public service by helping those in need instead of running.

TR, here's a great example of people doing exactly that. For months, a team of 5 Lakota runners from South Dakota have been training to run this marathon. It was a big deal for them to be able to go.

From ONE Spirit's facebook page today:

"As some of you already know, THE NYC Marathon has been canceled. All of the runners, chaperons and coaches have volunteered to help with the clean up in NY tomorrow. Indian Country Media has a van and will be taking the group in to the devastated areas where they will try to help the local people who have lost so much.

We hope you and your families are safe. We all truly appreciate all of your support. Thank you for letting us be of service."

"counterfactual" is not a synonym for "untrue."

Except, Sally, that here in the English-speaking part of the U.S., it is. Just as the First Amendment is part of the U.S. Constitution, regardless of how those things might seem to be arranged on your planet.

Allan L: Counterfactual whether as noun or adjective refers to a premise predicated on an opposite of something that actually happened, eg, if the Supreme Court had not interrupted the ballot counting process, Gore would have been elected president. That is a counterfactual argument as it is premised on something that did not occur. That may not make it wrong but it does make it unknowable.

You are misusing a good word in the interest it appears of using a long one when a short one would better serve.

An opinion at any rate cannot be counterfactual. You might think it wrongheaded but actually you are misusing the term in two ways.

Additionally, it was you who said "our Constitution and especially the First Amendment protects the expression ...."

It's not "especially" the First Amendment; it is only, and by, the First Amendment. I heard a prominent left-wing history professor in college assert that but for the Bill of Rights the Constitution would comprise a document of perfect tyranny. An intriguing counterfactual.

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