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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Race of the flacks

They've indicted the Clackamas County elections worker who was caught tampering with a few ballots this month. If she's guilty, may she be punished severely.

On the lighter side, both attorney general Ellen Rosenblum and secretary of state Kate Brown hustled out separate press releases this morning taking credit for this intense law enforcement effort. Rosenblum's got out 10 minutes before Brown's did. Guess that means she wins.

UPDATE, 10:35 a.m.: And oops! Brown's flack spelled the defendant's name wrong, requiring a corrective press release, an hour and a half after the original. Rosenblum definitely wins.

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Not sure if you could tamper with enough ballots to actually get a Republican elected. Maybe someone forgot to tell her this is not a swing state. Sometimes stupid pays a price.

"And oops! Brown's flack spelled the defendant's name wrong, requiring a corrective press release, an hour and a half after the original."

Sometimes stupid pays a price.

...and, sometimes not

I actually feel sorry for her. Wonder if she thought she was being clever, or it was a thrill thing, like wealthy people shoplifting. 55 and facing a felony conviction and jail time. Sheesh!

This poor misguided woman will be crushed for contaminating two ballots and we Oregonians should be crushed for having such poor memories.

What about the former ODMV employee whose business issued driver's licenses to 80,000 illegal aliens and was subsequently acquitted of any wrong doing?

Motor voter? Think any of those hardworking taxpayers cast a ballot?


For a sense of the impact of 80,000 licenses / registrations look at this list of Oregon cities. In two years this guy added as many as three towns the size of West Linn or Lake Oswego or Oregon City to the voter rolls. The populations include little kids and everyone. The scammers added only licensees/voters.



"The integrity of Oregon elections is of paramount importance," Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said in a press release, "The Department of Justice has made this investigation a high priority since the allegations came to light."

"We have zero tolerance for voter fraud in Oregon," Brown said in a press release this morning. "Security procedures are in place to detect this kind of conduct. The system worked, and no person's ballot was impacted. Oregonians can be confident in their election results."

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