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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Portland head tax for arts is passing

See you in court. The school construction pork tax increase is also breezing to victory.

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Sumbitch... How about taxing only the people who vote for these damn things?

Missoula's nice. Boise, too.

Not such a fan of democracy, jimh? I think the arts head tax is wrong and goofy, but that reaction of yours is shameful.

WTF is the matter with these f'n people!
Why don't they just do another income tax these morons vote for this stuff!

Wait, it is an income tax! It just isn't measured by your income. Pathetic.

Allan L., I'll ask you, respectfully, to chill. The internet lacks a sarcasm font. I respect the freedom of choice inherent in our democracy. I also marvel at some of the choices made.

I am supportive of the arts, not this tax. This was voted in I suspect based on a marketing campaign without people knowing the details.

I hope it does go to court, I consider this too much big brother. How would this be implemented, does the the city have a right to know how many people live in each household and their finances?

I am so very grateful to live in Clark County today. My old house in MultCo will be paying an additional $700/year in property taxes.

Meanwhile, Clark County voters defeated (56% to 44%) a 1/10 of 1% sales tax increase to fund Light Rail operating expenses. They also defeated a Parks & Recreation levy that was quite modest by Portland standards.

My property taxes will decline in 2013.

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