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Friday, November 16, 2012

Picking out his new office, no doubt

There's always room for one more played-out politician at the Patronage Center. But don't try the Mike Burton travel move, buddy!

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Speaking of Mr. Burton, what is the latest on his "Travelgate"?

Of all of the Colleges, Universities, trade schools and online universities, Portland State is the most mediocre. PSU is the worst choice for investing in ones education a person could make. The administration is totally incompetent and corrupt. The teaching staff is totally useless and the professors are world class rejects. So is should follow that Sam Adams would fit right in.

lol. Isn't Adams - the "education mayor" - a college drop-out, too? Sounds like adjunct professor material to me!

Portland State Urban Studies Program: An indoctrination of students by control obsessed political retreads preaching socialism.

Or, to be more specific, "I'm hanging out in the Men's room at Smith Center. Just hoping and waiting."

Hi TR...

Ummm.. Chris Matthews said earlier this week that "urban" is another one of those racist 'dog whistle' words...

(try not to laugh too hard)

Cheers, It's Mike

That's probably why he's growing that caterpillar under his nose - so he'll look more professorial.

Umpire: so THAT's what that is. At least he isn't trying to weave a Tom Baker scarf out of his nose hair.

I took a couple of courses at PSU. Sad to say I was disappointed at the quality of the teaching. Guess I expected too much.

There are no doubt some great profs at PSU, teaching important things. But there are way too many political burnouts, and people indoctrinating the innocent to the ways of "smart growth," which is just code for building high-rise apartments where once there were single-family homes.

Where... the twi-i-inks are...

Young fellows with lots of bills, need help paying that sky-high tuition, the crazy rent, and they can't afford a car, so they need a ride too.

Like it says on that sign in the infamous photo of you and a ... friend at the Nines: "NO MINORS"

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