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Friday, November 2, 2012

Nutsy's last stand

Jeffer-Slam Smith's election-eve campaign commercial doesn't even ask people to vote for him for mayor any more. Now he's into some sort of vague theme about the outer east side being neglected. Yeah, the outer east side that he carpetbagged into from Irvington so that he could skate into the state legislature. And he shamelessly wheels out his poor spouse as part of the spiel. Yuck. Just yuck.

"We need you." Who's "we"? And what do you "need" us for? It's creepy.

But if you look closely, as always, there is a moment in which truth comes to the light:

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DIVORCE ! Post election
Some things you just can't hide.

If it says 'Jefferson Smith for mayor' on the screen, does he really need to 'ask' for your vote? Isn't it already implied???

Not really. Now it's about trying to start rehabbing his epically failed political career.

...after all, the Governorship is opening up in a couple of years!

Katy looks like she needs rehabbing from something for God's sake. That picture is awful.

Portland is the world's greenest city.

Recycling is what they know best!

Jefferson will get deposited into the largest slop bucket, taken out to some landfill somewhere where he will stink up the neighborhood for a few years.

And then, magically show up in the new and improved version, ready to be loved by Portland liberals again. Sadly, he will be accepted... but not before 8 years go by.

First Portland has to elect Hales and endure four years of his issues, during which Sam Adams appears on multiple billboards with his big smiling face, and the bubble asking "Miss me yet?" And Portland liberal voters (redundant, eh?) will take back Scam Adams into their loving arms first. Later will come the JefferScam recycle job.

Portland, funny (strange) and pathetic and funny (humorous) all at the same time.

First, I don't think his young followers have anything to be embarrassed about it. Some of us older types who saw through this act may have come off as know-it-alls at times, but believe me, we were young once too and getting hoodwinked is a rite of passage.
Certain people know how to take advantage of the decency and idealism that young people fortunately have.

Second, this wasn't a character assassination in my opinion. If it had just been the incident in college, maybe you could call it that, but when the candidate showed up at the woman's house at 8 a.m. on the day of his press conference, his campaign was over. And that wasn't 19 years ago. That was last month.

I'd also say to Jefferson Smith that I'm not holding myself up as some kind of moral beacon. I've been in tavern fights and I once played in a band with a drummer who - decades earlier - had been convicted of murder. He had punched a female social worker and she fell hitting her head and died. He served his time, and - though it was strange to be in his presence knowing what happened - I played music with the guy for at least a year.

In other words, I'm not here to judge you. If I came off that way, it was because I didn't think you should be put in charge of Portland. That was what was driving it for me: I didn't think you should be mayor.

Frankly, I'm already feeling a little sheepish about how pissed off I got this year. It is not my thing. As soon as this is official, I will return to a life of music, watching sports, and writing comedy. I will not be interviewing any more politicians.

When I look back on this year, I'll know I did the right thing standing up to Jefferson Smith, but mainly I'll see it as an unfortunate, pointless waste of time.

Damn, that side eye says it all!

All he ever needed to do to get elected was to come out big time about neighborhood preservation. Burkholder's fake preservation act (see: stopmetro.com) passed by 65% (http://www.debunkingportland.com/smart/metrodensityvote.htm) and guessing at the number of people who voted only for the real neighborhood preservation, probably 75% of the people voted for it. Those are Clackastan type majorities.

The recent rebellion against no on site parking condo bunkers (see: sites.google.com/site/apartmentparkingtaskforce/) shows continuing support.

Add in a promise to stop taking money from schools, social services, police to finance pet projects for millionaires and he could have won big time. Add in weekly garbage.

Unfortunately he is NOT in favor of any of the above because he is just another smart growth idiot who wants to force his religion on the rest of us.


Bill, I'm a very infrequent commenter here, but thank you for all your posts on Smith. There are an astonishing number of sociopaths in politics, and it's amazing how rare the ability to see through them is. Astonishly, Denis Theriault of the Mercury is still trying to make excuses for Smith...

Sorry, that should be spelled "astonishingly." Although I over-used that word anyways...

She is giving him the "you are such an ass" look..

"Tag. Heh. Yeah."

She looks at him at end thinking "Man are you creeeepy"

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