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Monday, November 19, 2012

Next U of O outrage: semi-private golf course for the well heeled

It just gets crazier and crazier at UC Nike (soon to be Tostitos Bowl champs). Now the athletic department has been sneaking around planning to build a golf course, ostensibly for the university's golf teams, but funny thing, some selected mucky-muck old guys and gals will be allowed to play on it, too. Just not riffraff like the regular students, faculty members, average-Joe alumni, or taxpayers.

We'll bet old Moneybags Frohnmayer won't have any trouble getting tee times. Maybe he and Mike Bellotti will shoot a few rounds, using krugerrands as ball markers on the putting greens.

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I'm no tax lawyer, but I believe the donations are only tax-deductible if UO President Gottfredson is willing to argue a golf course serves our legitimate academic purposes. That's going to be a fun explanation to read.

Maybe they could claim the golf course was being used for academic purposes, if they invite professors from other Pac 12 schools to play, so we could check them out and see if we want them working here. You know, professors like Condi Rice from Stanford.

professors like Condi Rice from Stanford

What's her handicap?

Allan, Condi's handicap is George W. Bush:))))))

Sorry Allen L.: Condi Rice is a member of Augusta National - one of the finest golf courses in America. Why would she even bother with one in Eugene?

"What's her handicap?'

Around 14. I would expect better.

Really? 14, if legit, at Augusta, means a middle aged woman with a fairly demanding day job is shooting 85 or better on an extremely hilly golf course with lightning fast and legendarily strategic green complexes about 25% of the time. I think that is pretty good and suggest it compares favorably to most Presidents, especially those with trees land spectators named after them.

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