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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Multnomah County Courthouse scam odor strengthens

Suddenly Farquaad Cogen and the Sisters are talking "public-private partnership" for a new or rehabbed county courthouse. This is right in tune with the hot air about "innovative financing" coming from Salem. Private corporations are about to take over public institutions. It's a shame that "progressive" Portlandia and Oregon are playing right into their hands.

It isn't the first time, of course, that the new courthouse plan has provoked a scam alert. Sad, really. They ought to name the place after Neil Goldschmidt.

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what the heck? how do they get away with this? Do the residents of Multnomah County need an intervention? I am sure the Clackastanis could help guide them.....

Neil Edward Goldschmidt Juvenile Justice Center? Firkin' awesome.


You know the city is rotten to the core. It won't get any better until it hits rock bottom and implodes. Why not move before property values decline any further?

We could call it "Neg-Judge" (NEGJJC).

Jack, how do you define "private" corporation? Does Partnerships British Columbia meet that definition?

City Hall already behaves like the board of directors of a private corporation, so I wouldn't be surprised by anything.

I just wonder how much longer they intend to keep up the charade.

If the newly privatized courthouse is in fact partly private, will it have to pay property taxes? And if so, will it pay the full value of property taxes, or will it be subject to some kind of LID or transit-oriented development abatement?

"The advantage of this approach is that it can save considerable amounts of time and money," said Commissioner Judy Shiprack,...

Having blown money on all sorts of other crap, we are now experts on a murky deal from some sharp pencils up North.

Isn't Shiprack the thief that presided over a failing real estate deal in Old Town that wound up costing the taxpayers millions? Why is this s***bag even holding an elected position?

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