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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nearly 8% write in for Portland mayor in early returns

Just short of 12,000 write-in votes, and counting. So many people can already see how terrible Char-Lie is going to be. Meanwhile, Nutsy Smith is 32 percentage points behind Hales -- time for a beer with Jesse Cornett.

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Unfortunately Cornett's bar went out of business.

I was thinking they'd meet down by the railroad tracks.

On Smith's arrival at his party HQ before dark, it looked and sounded like he'd already gotten a running head start on that -- KOIN cut away at the speed of light about 10 words into his streaming euphoric answer to their generic opening question. Hard to watch that.

Didn't Char-Lie run on a promise of "back to basics" transportation spending, or fixing what's broke...something like that?

There should be a wager on how many days (or hours!) until he breaks that promise and announces a new Streetcar expansion, or a new bike project...anything that isn't basic maintenance.

Symbolic that lies should prevail, in more arenas than one.

I am afraid the PR/Marketing folks aren't done with us yet.

When are they going to announce who got the write-in votes so we can find out who has the most momentum for next time?
That was the plan, right? Have the write-in votes become a way to identify a future candidate and give him or her some name recognition going forward.
How did the city auditor do?

They do not officially count the write-in votes by candidate written in, unless the total write-ins are more than the listed candidates. Maybe there's a way that we could get access to the ballots by public records request, but I've never heard of anyone doing that. It may remain a mystery. Who knows, Stenchy may have come in third for mayor.

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