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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More water bureau mission creep: public schools fundraising

A weary reader writes:

I'm paying the water bill this morning, and on the returnable part of the statement, I notice an option box inviting me to "Check here to sign up for GreenBucks (please see reverse.)"

Of course, I'm not about to send these guys any more money, but having never heard of GreenBucks, I looked on the back of the bill, finding this: "Your voluntary GreenBucks contribution helps public schools in Portland protect water quality in local rivers and streams. Select your GreenBucks contribution level (boxes for $1, $3 and $5). Contributions will be charged each billing period."

To begin with, "Contributions will be charged each billing period" seems to undercut the "voluntary" aspect of this. But my main question is: How exactly does this help public schols "protect water quality in local rivers and streams?" And going further, how can public schools do that? Have you heard anything about this?

This is Sam Rand World, my friend. Money comes in many colors and does magical things.

Comments (2)

How exactly does this help public schols "protect water quality in local rivers and streams?" And going further, how can public schools do that?

I have some thoughts about this, only speculation of course.

Money needed for propaganda and indoctrination to help to sell the water agenda here, to illustrate how clean our super-funded river can be made, convince them clean enough to drink, and that it will be worthy of the debt these youngsters will inherit.

They may use GreenBucks as a program in the schools to head up fundraisers for the cleanup of Willamette, and get the kids involved to raise the money and to clean up what the polluters have left behind, outfitting them with masks and shovels as part of the GreenBucks class. They may be wearing GreenBucks uniforms when going around their neighborhoods collecting money for the GreenBucks program. Apparently there are no federal dollars for the superfund clean up according to Wyden, so some other avenue had to be found, in addition to higher taxes, all to aid the big global corporations making more money on our "water quality!"

Who makes this stuff and these names up? This reminds me of the Transportation Bureau providing walking tours for the citizens, calling the senior walks The Senior Strolls and taking their stroll and tour through the Rose City Cemetery.

Just want to add I am not against cleaning a river, what I am concerned about
is if the intentions are for us to drink it!
And that again, it is not about the health of our drinking water in our community,
but an avenue for all of us to pay even higher rates so that more money can be shoveled to various corporations.

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