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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Microsoft burns more of your valuable time

Our computers are being subjected to Windows Update Hell this evening. Takes forever, requires a slow-ass reboot, may or may not require additional restarts before everything works right... it's definitely reminiscent of the federal government. Maybe some folks in Redmond, WA are getting biographers out of the deal.

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Change your update settings to download only and notify you when there is an update available to install.

That way you can defer installation to a more convenient time.

I did that, but you still have to install the stuff. And after the download is parked for a few hours, usually programs stop working right until you do the install. When I see that dopey update icon in the lower right corner of my screen, it makes me slightly nauseous.

I'm using vista on all my systems. I turn off all auto updating. When I see the little icon I click through the update system and just leave it running overnight.

Even that's a hassle.

Keep the biographer, I'll take an unpaid social liaison officer.

You might enjoy reading "Year Zero: A Novel" by Rob Reid. I don't want to give any spoilers, but belive me, it is relevant to this post.

Give Microsoft/Intel 5 more years of slooooow growth. All the new HW/SW homes are tablets/smartphones.

It looks like some biographers are going to have to add a epilogue in the 2nd edition....

Although Macs aren't worth the extra money for everybody, OSX does updates really, really well. Among other things.

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